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    Default "Level reducing" item

    I'm not sure quite how they'd impliment this in DDO, but I heard once that FFXI had an item that would drop your character's level down to a lower level, so you could group with friends at lower levels.

    I think this sort of thing would come in quite handy.

    For example, I have a friend who's working his way through TR lives. I don't have as much time to play as he does, and I happen to be in the dupious position of having only characters who are 9 and bellow, or 18 and up. My buddy could really use some help getting through the 13-15 levels, where I have no characters even close.

    I think, given the massive storage issues with the game, it would be best to make it a spell cast by an NPC. For practical reasons, this spell would have to persists through resting and death, and expires on log-out. The spell would reduce your character level to a given range. You'd have to have level appropriate gear, and you'd loose access to any stats/spells/feats, etc, but for the occasional "run a friend through X dungeon" it would work.

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    No to temporary de-leveling. Yes to permanent de-leveling.

    I think it would be too hard to do it temporarily, but losing XP permanently actually does have uses.

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    I think its to compllicated due to many issues on how the game works and would likely create a lot of bugs and we have enough of those what if for some reason the spell/delveling couldnt be turn off? I just dont really see the need to use dev time on something of such limited use.


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    We have so many leveling options now: start a new character at level 1, or a Veteran Status character at 4, or a Vet Status II at 7, or use an XP stone to jump to 16. You can buy a 30% XP pot and apply a 20% XP tome, and wear a 5% XP item, and pick up a 2-5% XP ship buff, pick up an elite streak, and chug through content getting an additional 50% XP from Bravery, another 80% from tackling a quest for the first time on elite, and I think there's another 20% bonus in there somewhere.

    And getting from 9 to should be able to do that in just a couple of hours on a bunch of Shadow Crypt and Wiz-King zerg runs.
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    bugs compilations that come to my mind:
    heroic toon with epic gear, yay pownage!!
    my lvl decreases to X and now can't get xp/lvl, yay pownage!
    i lost my ed, yay pownage!

    i mean, fred(who removes 1 feat of your choice) is UNABLE to show you the right feats, as example(and took the SS yesterday)

    it's...magic!! looks like i took fire elemental form at lvl 1!! yay!!
    and the wizard PL has the same description(in fact took both at 15th lvl toon, im 13 druid/rogue), so in order of things that's ignoring:
    1st lvl- toughness, insightful reflexes
    3rd- augment summoning

    last life i took the augment summoning feat at lvl 1 and hey, at least could swap some feat at this point

    so we have 1 thing, broken, for ages(like ladder, hires' AI, etc) pls, don't bring more stuff that can make ddo explode lol

    simply lvl 1 toon, will be much faster than breaking your toon, spending 2-3 months complaining and then leaving ddo because turbine doesn't care
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    No one would want to keep a whole inventory of at-level gear for various levels. You're talking 1-2 weapons, armor, and a full suite of accessories, and possibly clickies too. Especially when so many midlevel gear options require such a time investment (Greensteel, Cannith Challenge) to get them "decent", or require a lot of time farming to acquire them in the first place (Necropolis, Gianthold).

    Because so many items are designed to level up with you by tiers (Greensteel, Alchemical, Epic Crafted and Cannith Crafted), people are going to expect you to be able to "unlevel" your gear too, rather than have to re-grind a new lower-level one, and that of course isnt feasible, code-wise or balance-wise.

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