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    Default Concealment stacking/ HP stacking

    Does different concealment effect stacks ?

    Especially the following
    - Ghostly (10 %from ring of the stalker)
    - Blurry (20% from bracers of wind)
    - Dusk (10%, from cannith crafting or various named items)
    - blur/displacement spells

    Same question from the various way of getting HP
    - false life item
    - Elemental Energy (from greensteel items)
    - blue augment slot
    - pirate vitality (+10 hp from Crystal cove trinket)

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    concealment does not stack with concealment.

    Ghostly is incorporeal, so it stacks

    Augment is the same as false life.
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    Burry, Dusk, Blur and Displacement do not stack and are countered by True Seeing.
    Concealment from various fogs and blindness does not stack with the above but is not countered by True Seeing unless said fog is an Illusion.

    Ghostly is not concealment, it's partial etherealness, it's rolled against separately and is countered by ghost touch.

    Elemental Energy of different values stack with each other and all other sources. Pirate vitality stacks AFAIK. False life only applies the highest value, ie not stack.
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