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    Default The Silver Legion Periodical - Volume 1 - Issue #11

    15 April 2013 - Issue 11

    As time goes by change is inevitable, DDO changes, and so too the Silver Legion. Daily our guild renown accumulates,
    guild levels are acquired, and the guild expands with new recruits. We have just today attained guild level 88, congratulations and good job Silver Legion!
    This has resulted in the most recent upgrade of our airship to the largest ship available with all the amenities we could pack inside.

    So too, leadership changes. Mistindantacles your tenure at the helm is now over, just like those who came before, but your legacy lives on.
    Mistindantacles has been a Silver Legion Officer for over 3 years - serving as a Knight Templar, Realm Lord, and Realm Leader. He remains
    a Guild Medieval/Silver Legion member with the title of "Dungeon Master" overseeing his online tabletop AD&D 2nd Edition project. We wish
    him the best in all his future endeavors!

    Now its time to introduce you to our new DDO Realm Leader and the Silver Legion Guild Leader. Drum roll please...Ladies and Gentlemen it
    is with great pride that we present to you Horkster! He has been a well respected Knight Templar who has helped to guide many recruits
    to Knighthood within Guild Medieval. Lift your voices and give a mighty "Huzzah" to our new guild leader Horkster!

    To view all of our previous fun filled issues please go to our
    Issue Archives

    The Silver Legion in DDO is just a part of a much larger multi-MMO
    organization called Guild Medieval. The Silver Legion has been
    blessed with a large group of friendly, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic
    corps of players who have volunteered to serve as Officers of this
    fine Guild. It is finally time to introduce them!

    -Stavandal of Cannith, The Silver Legion Guild Leader
    Horkster of Guild Medieval, DDO Realm Leader


    Knights Templar

    The job of the KT is to work with new members in acclimating them to the
    guild. The goal of the KT is to make sure that new members feel welcomed,
    that they are active, and that they ultimately become a Knight of the
    guild. KTs are availabe as mentors to Squires and will be your first of
    many friends in Guild Medieval.

    The current Knights Templar playing DDO and some of their characters are:
    Slade5000 (Castari, Castick)
    Nonesuch13 (Susas, Robomagi, Kitteara)
    TallMikeM (Aethalsted, Aethaldred, Aethalsage)
    Sc00by (Ottilda, Izit, Kharzad)
    Rayvon (Rayvon, Rayneshadow, Raydient)
    Germanitalian (germanitalia, Germy, Germi)
    Dreamae (Dreamae, Thurza, and various Dream-lets)
    Drew (Skirlet, Iriele, Alusz)
    Errguro Portuga (Errguro, Mechwizz)
    Tunabomber (Tuneabomber, Toonabomber, Riften)
    FreeMemory (Gridz, Cithia, Aoei)
    Whitehairguy (Whitehairguy, Zinnagga, Tekzor)
    Sondai (Sondai, Nynaev, Fedwin)
    Gamerdad (Fangster, Gardeean, Fixemup)
    Regina (Procella, Tinkere, Anatu)
    Thalnar (Thalnar, Thalkon, Thalmerus)



    Knights-Errant (KEs) handle general guild business and help things run smoothly. They assist with organizing the guild bank, acquisition
    and maintenance of guild ship amenities, updating the guild roster, monitoring and maintaining the forums, answering game related
    questions, organizing guild runs, and other needed tasks as the name implies. In essence, they are the "work-horses".

    The current Knights-Errant and some of their characters are:
    Aris (Arisan, Arisanna, Betatest)
    Olds (Oldiscool, Penand, Kheegan)
    Maisocks (Legosil, Kramor, Ingbanck)



    Crusaders are active guild recruiters. They spend time in general chat channels looking for good people to join our guild. They chat with
    prospective members and emphasize our rules and ideals. They are also responsible for our message, image, and recruitment through the
    game's forums. Finally, they compile the monthly online publication, The Silver Legion Periodical.

    Our current Crusaders and some of their characters are:
    HarleyHog (Ankomst, Khormac, Stromgor)
    Bust (Bust, Leej)
    Dodo (Daian, Sorain, Tirain)
    Tamberlyn (Tamberlyn, Jennelle, Cerelia)



    Ladies and Lords in DDO have different spheres of responsibility dependant upon their title.
    The Lady or Lord Templar is responsible for ensuring Knight Templar coverage within their Realm. They aid the Realm Lord and Realm Leader in tracking Squire Vote Polls and identifying those Squires ready for Knighthood.

    Our current Lord Templar and some of his characters:
    ernie_basener (Chosin, Grizzling, Forteetwo)

    The Lady or Lord Crusader is responsible for managing and coordinating the efforts of the Crusaders, ensuring a cohesive and consistent
    message about who we are as a Guild. They also help focus recruitment efforts so we may continue to grow our community.

    Our current Lord Crusader is:
    Cloista (Cloista, Calysto, Orvos)

    The Realm Lady or Lord acts in place and with the authority of the Realm Leader when the Realm Leader is offline or otherwise unavailable.

    Our current Realm Lord is:
    Jiivee (Isoontalon, Sympo, Unthgar)


    Realm Leader

    The final authority on things DDO. Sets guild rules and policies. Promotes Squires to Knights. Selects a "cabinet" of officers consisting
    of KTs, KEs, Crusaders, and Ladies/Lords who, among their other duties, advise the Realm Leader and help hammer out decisions and policies.

    Our current DDO Realm Leader & Silver Legion Guild Leader is:
    Horkster (Stavandal, Axkill, and various Stav-lets)

    While awaiting the arrival of our newest airship, Kalfador finds teleportation a bit tricky and spies this airship while feather falling
    into stormreach...airship engines shouldn´t be inspected this way Kalf

    Tamberlyn checking out the arrival of our new party barge, its a beauty

    Stromgor, Tamberlyn, Dreamae, and Riften celebrating in the jacuzzi on the Silver Legion Party Barge .

    Horkster holds one of his officer meetings while lounging in a hot tub, this one was a bit lengthy, poor Regina fell asleep

    Entertaining the troops, Stavandal dances in his underwear, Regina falls asleep from boredom, Tamberlyn watches as the doggies play with their new kobold friend and Thalnar takes his turn on guard duty.

    Last night, went to dinner with the hubby, Horkster, and the kids to Ruby Tuesday. Food and service was good. Afterwards, I asked Horkster what he was going to do because I was open to suggestion. He immediately replied, "I don't know, what's your will save like?"
    Of course, after that, the conversation was all centered around DDO. Does this happen in anyone else's house?

    Another example that this game has taken over the way we converse with each other. When we watched The Avengers this past summer, in the scene where the Hulk tried to pick up Thor's hammer, I leaned over and said "he can't pick it up because it's bound to character". It was hard for Horkster to stiffle his laughter. So, it's not just him -- I do it too.

    Our tuesday static group had heard rumors of mysterious floating chests in Gianthold, so we went to see for ourselves. Those giants sure are tricky,
    now how do we get it open?

    Fedwin and Kheegan are looking for things to eat...I think the beholder is too!

    *Invisible to the evil eye*

    All around the silence is calming

    And they never see or hear me coming.

    I come unexpected and sudden

    And bring death to the soulless and rotten.

    Melding with shadows in the dark

    I never miss a suspicious mark.

    I’ve got keen senses like a prowling hawk

    And I find every trap under every rock.

    “Open sesame” – unlock a hidden door,

    A chest of gold and gems and more.

    So much loot is a good reason for war

    Bringing death and blood and gore.

    Disarming traps and delivering pain

    By making landmines with a special bane.

    Helping Coin Lords brings me fame

    So speak highly of me and make it rain!

    Yellow Eyes (Squire)

    "Where in Eberron is the Silver Legionaire?"
    This is a new feature of this publication where I will publish a screenshot of one of our members and ask you our
    readers where they are located. Sound easy? Think you know all your dungeon locations like the back of your hand?
    Well we shall see, today Gundemar is standing in his favorite Shrine, do you know where he is? I'll let you know in a few days.

    Tamberlyn admiring the sunset out at Kobold Island, a Cannith house challenge quest.

    Guild Medieval, founded in March of 2001, is committed to
    providing a drama free, family oriented, people focused gaming
    environment for its members across a multitude of online
    games. If this sounds like what you've been looking for, come
    check us out at
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