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    Question New Enhancements and how they interact with runearms

    I got some questions on the new Enhancements and how they interact with runearms.
    Would love to see a Dev respond.

    "Originally Posted by Eladrin
    The caster's spell damage amplification effects and enhancements modify the rune arm's damage. Metamagics do not affect any of the rune arm spells at this time. They use your Artificer level as their caster level and your Intelligence modifier - it's more or less as if you were casting a spell through the relic. The spells count as having a level equal to their charge tier plus one. "

    As the old enhancments spell critical chance, spell critical damage and spellpower all work on runearms on live.

    1. Does Spell Critical apply to the Runearm shots them selves?
    "Your Electric, Fire, and Force spells have additional 1% to critically hit."

    2. Does Wand and Scroll Mastery apply to the Runearm?
    "+25/50/75% to the effectiveness of your wands, scrolls, and other items that cast spells."

    2. Does Spellpower skill apply to the Runearm?
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    Granted, I am not a dev, but I would expect the following:

    -the spell crit lines would apply to the appropriate type of rune arm (fire, electric, or force shots)
    -the imp wand/scroll mastery would not affect rune arms, as it is my understanding that those enhancements on live do not affect rune arms.
    -the spell power skill boosts your spell power with most types of spell damage, so it would improve rune arms of the appropriate type.

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    Well the devas don't know about The Pea Shooter, Glorious Obscenity, The Turmoil Within (4 versions), and Corruption of Nature (all 6 versions). So there is no Acid based Spell Crit.

    Your answers, while current and probable, are of no reflection of the Deva Team's capability to overlook or mess things up.

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