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    Default Garamol and Tiras Splendor

    There I was reading on DDO Wiki about rune arms, and how there are no loot generated of such items. Staring at the list, one rune arm came to my attention: Tira's Splendor

    Minimum level: 17 (my arti was 18)
    BtA: so I could try to loot it on another toon and bank transfer it
    Other goodies I wanted too: nice

    Thats when I had a though: what if I try to get that? Mmmm... Somewhere in the Subterrane, kept by a huge skellie and with an random portal to get there. Seems challenging, but still, I really wanted to get that rune arm.

    I made up my mind: asked my guildie, a good friend who has a lvl 25 TRd cleric, to take that toon and me, with my TRd Sorc, to go down the Marketplace and try our luck.

    Reminder from DDO Wiki: He is quite powerful, designed to challenge an entire raid group.

    Ooh, I mean, I was going to duo that skellie with my friend? He who was designed to challenge an entire group? Not a simple quest group, but a raid group?? Ok then. We go, we die, I thank the help of my friend, and go to bed dream on it.

    And there we go. A water savant and a healer. What matters here? I feel I am not at the same player level as other veteran players. I may have 2 TR toons, but, thats just it. I don't feel I have all the know-how many veteran players have. I self heal with wands, can raise with scrolls, and cure diseases and curses from me and party players. But I never went on a "quest" like this and come back alive to tell the tale.

    Thing is, we went down there, faced lots of reavers (ice reavers! my water savant hates them!), demons, giant skellies (go go cleric ftw), and when we found the right portal to the rare giant (that is always there, so not quite a rare), we dropped down, I was even killed on the traps, but......

    ..... We managed to kill the king! Or former king, or whatever he was in live.

    This makes me feel sad in a way. I DO miss, this style of play. Challenging. Unexpected. Hard to do, but not impossible. On one side, we play quests several times and the feeling of surprise is going off each time we do a quest. On the other hand, everyday I see more and more LFMs flagged "Byoh", "Know it", and others like these. People only want to farm these days.

    I rarely see a quest where people want a fun style of play, one that doesn't include zerging and so on. I don't mean flower snifing, sometimes even I don't have the time for that, but at least, wait for other players to catch up with us, wait for the rogue to get a trap (even when its not a deadly trap), etc..

    Besides I got that rune arm for myself (it dropped for my friend, who passed to me), I also got a great experience as a person. My toon got no kills at all in the subterrane, since my friend was above area max level (wich makes me think: if she was that powerfull for the recommended level, and almost died a few times only trying to kill a couple of mobs, and she was a cleric legend with cleric past life, 700+ HPs, well, you see the point, I didn't want to see the slaughter if we were both on the area level).

    For short: I'm thinking about doing more of these runs. If anyone feels the same I do, please let me know so we schedule a run or two. I play on Ghalanda server, currently with 7 toons (sorc, cleric, arti, rogue, monk, pali and fighter).

    Mmm, the other loot from Garamol seem interesing too...
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    Default grats

    Gargamel, ye thats how I call him, actually used to be quite fun and challenging when that pack came out.

    Mind you level cap was 16.

    Grats on your loot and achievement nonetheless.
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