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    Default Help need for a wiz/fvs or cleric build

    Hi all, I need help building a wizard build that has healing ability basically. I am currently a 2nd life FVS and want to TR soon and get some wiz past lives. I would like the healing because I play 95% with the hubby who plans on Tring into a barb. I have a barb and know from experience our duoing would go easier if I could throw him a heal when he needs it. It is not something that needs to be endgame worthy, or epic worthy, we are leveling to 20 then Tring again. I have not played an arcane before and have not really built my own character before, so hence Im asking the experts for ideas

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    Default Warforged

    Do you,
    or more importantly, does your husband

    have access to the Warforged race.

    If so, insead of using healing, you would play a pure wizard, and use repair (reconstruct is the equivalent of heal)

    If your husband does, but you do not, then you would play a pale master, and heal yourself with negative energy (death aura) while healing him with repair spells (reconstruct or repair critical damage)
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    The easiest option would be to play a half-elf wizard with the cleric dilettante.
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    nope no access to warforged for either us, he's not a fan of that race and its not something we have bothered spending money on as premium players.
    Do however have half elf as we bought the pack half elf/half orc thing when it was on special
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    Biggest factors I found when playing a fleshie barbarian were:
    -Maiming just isn't a good idea.
    -Rage exhaustion sucks.

    If you're looking to fill in the gaps, it's best for your husband to just keep a healing hire attached to his belt. The hire should keep him filled up and clear of exhaustion.

    Failing that, I second the Helf PM with Cleric Dilly.

    Your hubby should also keep a pile of lesser resto pots for larger grouping.
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