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    There is an alternative to grindiness, although its not overly popular because it's slower, but you can cap a third life toon doing every quest on elite once, only needing to either grind out a few slayers or second quest runs at levels 14 and 17 becuase in the teen quest levels the list is small. I know, because I did it as an experiment to see. Each quest once and on to the next was fun and didn't feel grindy to me at all beyond the unescapable fact that I've been playing this game for four years and there are literally no quests or raids I have not done multiple times. And I used no xp potions on that life, just the 10% lesser spell tome I got on all my toons from the motu preorder, the voice, and the ship 5% buff of course. Basically I did it because someone once pmd me to the shut the hell up when I disagreed with him that you HAD to grind the huge xp quests over and over to level a 3rd life tr in a thread. I don't get mad, I prove my point. Next life I want to try doing hard and elite runs of every quest that does NOT have an epic version and see if I can cap without a ridiculous amount of sre's and still have first time bonuses on the epics. I succesfully did second life elite one and done skipping all quests with an epic, so I think an e/h run for a third life should work.

    You don't have to try it of course, I just raise it as an alternative, especially since I believe you mentioned you are vip and therefore have access to all the quests. And if there are ones you really hate you can skip them with a few reruns of ones you like, it's a flexible plan. Sometimes the solution is how you approach the game. I like experimenting and dislike grinding quests, so I made an alternative option. Perhaps some form of permadeath or iron man variant where you run a toon with only what you pull, no auction house and no repairing, might bring some fun back into it for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skaught78 View Post
    So I started playing the game about a year ago. I'm just now finishing up my third life (been a fighter all three lives). My first life was pretty fun, but got a little tired of fighter by second life, but enjoyed a different build anyway. This life, I'm pretty burned out. Im at Level 19, and it has taken forever to get here. Everything from about level 16 and up has taken way too long to even be enjoyable. At level 15, I bought a greater tome of learning, and really, didn't find that it made the leveling go much faster. To get from 18 to 19 was completely unenjoyable. Now I've largely lost the motivation to get to 20.

    I really like this game, and want to keep playing and build up some nice past life feats, but this is just way too much grind for me. As a result, I'm thinking of canceling my VIP status and quitting the game altogether. My questions are:

    Do any of you other players find that at third life, the game just requires too much XP?

    Is there a nice relatively fast and easy way to get from 16 - 20 at third life?

    What other suggestions, if any, do you have to get from 16-20 without grinding the heck out of the same quests over and over?

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    Quote Originally Posted by adam1oftheround View Post
    Yes, the game is too grindy. I recommend you go grind to level 20 in real life, so you can pay to win.
    True words.

    However, if you are stuck at lvl 19 IRL, then just play first life characters. It solves a lot of the grinding issues.

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    The game would become so much friendlier if they would just eliminate the 3rd life TR xp requirement insanity and make every TR life the same as the first. 3 million and change is more than enough of a requirement. If they did this, server populations would instantly become more cordial, groups would be more fun and everyone would enjoy the game more. You wouldn't have people just losing interest at L18 and not playing for months. You wouldn't have people obsessed with quest completion times, bravery bonuses and in party deaths. I used to rack up lives on two characters but I don't really go beyond a 3rd TR on new characters now. Something I have found fun is taking a new character up to 25 in their 3 lives. This gives you 3 heroic lives and 3 epic lives. Just by default you unlock a ton of ED points to play around with and you have a real nice legend character that you go to spend some great levels with. Never really feels like a grind when you do that because you are mixing up epic levels and getting tons of great gear before you are TRing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gerardIII View Post
    u're exactly demonstrating him that ddo is grindy lol, think he isn't exactly an exp/min freak, so farm every quest in game 6 or more times is not a choice for him, neither me
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    To OP: The game is grindy if you want multiple past life feats and/or rare and powerful raid items. Otherwise there's no grind at all.
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    I think what decides if the game is grindy or not is whether youre in a hurry or not. If you NEED to get somewhere or something the game gets grindy quickly. But if you just play it without a long term goal it doesnt get all that grindy at anyt point. Well.. the people you play with can affect the grindiness as well.
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    Parts of it are *much* too grindy. All of the legacy Epic items are too grindy as far as I'm concerned. The close-to-top-end gear drops pretty quickly at the moment (all of the Gianthold items and all of the Forgotten Realms Epic items), but the old Epic stuff still takes just as long to grind out as it did when they were the absolute top end gear.
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    You know, contrary to the build you see all the time in the forums, you don't NEED to TR your character.
    1)The xp grind is a lot less painful and in fact really fast when you just make first life.
    2)There are many builds that work just great, even on EE with first life toon. Grinding 3 extra lives of pally so that your CSW goes from 200 to 230 is really not worth it for example.
    3)Once epic, you don't need to cap all destinies. Yeah you might need to max one+level 1-2 to 4 and 1-2 to 3 (aka the long path of the sorcerer to shiradi)... Or not. You can do EE without 3 twist anyway.
    Edit: and for every build that needs an "good luck getting it" item, there's several way to do it another way.* Yeah ESOS is nice, but there are several alternatives that ain't that far behind.
    *I admit there are some exceptions. I try to make build that don't need one of these to function.
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    honestly ddo is nothing like other mmo's that require a lot more grinding and the same thing over and over. i expect it in all games. Everything eventually turns into a grind or the same thing however you look at it. escort missions, kill this, defend this, stop this, etc. it all eventually repeats.

    now to break that cycle of thinking is to set your mind set on how you want to do things or do you like to kill certain mobs do certain quests. try running some on different difficulties. honestly i have done the tr lives many times i usually farm running do all of vale elite/hard. run a few quests in reavers then im capped. also doing the dust chain as well.

    i always find there was a lot of quests or things i did i skipped. i didnt even do all of my explorer runs or max some of them. Anyways if you mix and match a lot of the quests,challenges slayer you end up having plenty of xp.

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