So I started playing the game about a year ago. I'm just now finishing up my third life (been a fighter all three lives). My first life was pretty fun, but got a little tired of fighter by second life, but enjoyed a different build anyway. This life, I'm pretty burned out. Im at Level 19, and it has taken forever to get here. Everything from about level 16 and up has taken way too long to even be enjoyable. At level 15, I bought a greater tome of learning, and really, didn't find that it made the leveling go much faster. To get from 18 to 19 was completely unenjoyable. Now I've largely lost the motivation to get to 20.

I really like this game, and want to keep playing and build up some nice past life feats, but this is just way too much grind for me. As a result, I'm thinking of canceling my VIP status and quitting the game altogether. My questions are:

Do any of you other players find that at third life, the game just requires too much XP?

Is there a nice relatively fast and easy way to get from 16 - 20 at third life?

What other suggestions, if any, do you have to get from 16-20 without grinding the heck out of the same quests over and over?

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