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    Not much of an achievement by Forum standards, but I'm still quite proud of it.

    Part One was easy enough, didn't take all that long to beat down the Portals. We did have two or three Portal Keepers spawn, but those were one-shotted as soon as we came in range of them.

    Part Two was a pain and took us three attempts. First attempt we dragged them to the barrier, prepped them and then tried to separate them and run for the crystal. Didn't quite make it because the Devil was being his usual annoying self and had the attention span of a drunken gnat with ADHD and the Fire Ellie moves FAST.

    Second attempt was pretty similar with the Troll being the annoying one. That thing has a pretty good regen.

    Third attempt we dragged them to the South-West corner, prepped and then ran for it to the crystal. Two Lily Petals and an Orchid Blossom were enough to splat the crystal. *Edit* And apparently a couple of Avenging Lights that I missed.

    Part Three Sadly we had to destroy the crystals for all but two of the rooms, because for some reason rolling a 20 on a Knock Scroll wasn't enough to open the barriers. No idea when this changed but we certainly used to be able to on Normal. Never worked on Hard or Elite.

    Part Four This actually took us about six rounds believe it or not. I used Shining Star to dance a mob and keep it danced while we waited for the blades to go and used EiN to deal with the Healers two of the times, we just used a combination of Slay Living, Destruction from her and Quivering palm and Stuns and beatdown from me for the other Healers in between cooldowns.

    Part Five Wasn't much to this really. We just met Arri on his little podium near the Altar and kicked his butt. Took a while, but wasn't difficult.

    No pots used (Well, other than my Eternal Flask of Rum once).
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