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    Default How about some epic level spells?

    I'd like to see some Bigby's spells like old school D&D.

    Time Stop would be cool.

    What about a spell that turns mobs into harmless bunnies?

    Point is, I think its time epic spells were introduced into the game.

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    Yes please.

    When epics were introduced, and all they brought with them was epic gear, I was disappointed at the lack of epic spellcasting.

    When MOTU brought out epic levels, I was once again disappointed with the lack of epic spellcasting.

    Just another in the long list of disappointing things that I'd change if I had the power.

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    I want a true epic spell...from the epic level handbook. No, not hellball.


    Transmutation seed. Large AOE, everything inside has to make a fortitude save, or be turned into a chicken. A completely mundane chicken. The transformation is not permanent, but a chicken can't do much to save itself from an epic level wizard.

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