Tested most of the Dwarf tree. Overall it's quite nice, but tons of bugs:

0 - Toughness - Think it works, but rather hard to tell given the inactive form is grey, and it icon itself is grey.. Needs an art adjustment so you can tell if its even on.
1 - Con - works, but requires a bunch of AP spent in the main tree (think all trees have this bug atm, they are 5 - 10 - 20 points spent atm iirc)

2 - Toughness 2 - Bugged, un-selectable. Says it requires toughness 1, which I should of had, since its automatic, but yea could not select it.
3 - con 2 - un-selectable due to requiring above.
4 - toughness 3 - un-selectable due to requiring above.

Kundarak focus: Works
Iron Stomach: Bugged. Does nothing at all. Tested with a CSW potion, no change in amount healed.

Dwarven Weapon Training 1-4: +1 to hit works. +damage untestable due to broken Inventory UI (Only will display damage for unarmed, but this only works with weapons)
Dwarven Armor Mastery: Works

Lesser Dragonmark of Warding: Spell Resistance: Works, but CL incorrectly capped to 20, should count epics levels too.
Dwarven Tactics: Untestable due to broken UI again (tactics no longer display DCs except for stunning fist which I don't have).

Child of the Mountain: Works.
Dwarven Shield Mastery: Works I think, tho tower shield MDB doesn't dynamically update.

Greater Dragonmark of Warding: Radiant Forcefield: Works, but limited to CL20 like other dragonmarks. Also should allow extend.

Dwarven Runes: Gain +1/+2/+3 to saves against spell effects. Works I imagine since it's an existing live one renamed, tho not tested it thoroughly.
Stand Like Stone: Works, tho the description is overly ambitious, don't think you have the tech to make us sink in water or prevent flying, so instead its -50 swim skill.

Hands of Stone: Earthgrab (Reflex DC: 10 + Level + Constitution Modifier) Bugged. Like many DC based enhancements with unusual calculations, it's clearly not including some things. Very low CR monsters constantly saved against a near max DC build (lvl25 Dwarf stalwart with 66 con). Probably limited to CL20 and not including any con mod.

Dwarf Fortress: Difficult to test damage portion due to bugged ui. But the AC, Intim and saves displayed correctly.
Throw Your Weight Around: (use con for damage): Works, dynamically updates weapon tooltips too.