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    Quote Originally Posted by CoasterHops View Post
    Its not what you only see at end game, but on Khyber there is a definate shift towards these builds for fast, solo, shortman or no healer Epic Elites.
    Of course there are alot of other toons running around, but theres also a reason why many powergamers are gravitating to these type of builds.

    Like I said though, I hope the enhancement pass is going to give us more options, so I am starting to think the changes will be a positive in regards to build choices.
    yeah but that always happens... before it was palemasters, ice savants, remember the monster, batman? etc etc etc
    the "power gamers" do this all the time, someone find out the latest broken ability before they nerf it (like we have now with furyshot or master blitz during the entire quest, have no doubt they will nerf those sometime in the future)
    fit them in a build and play with it while it last...

    if we HAD to be on those builds to complete any EE quests i could see the system as being broken, but you rly don't need to...

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    Default Summary

    So, from what I've read, the following builds will be dead or critically injured based on what we've seen so far:

    -non-Nannybot Cleric
    -Kensai III Arcane Archer
    -Pure Clerics
    -Ranger TWF
    -Pally THF
    -Human Tempest
    -evoker/conjurer archmage
    -illusion/enchantment archmage
    -necromancy/evoker sorc
    -favored souls
    -stalwart defenders who don't use shields
    -Wizard splashes
    -pure sorcs
    -all sorcs
    -all pure builds
    -all multi-class builds

    Sounds like fun! Can't hardly wait...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carpone View Post
    Monkchers are dead with the removal of 10k stars.
    Luckily I never got around to TRing into my monkcher life.

    My bard16/rogue4 is probably losing some utility and gaining damage. She will be a better rogue and a worse bard. (With 4 rogue levels, I should be able to get dex instead of str to damage allowing me to totally ignore strength. I had originally ignored it because I thought I could scroll Insightful Damage (wrong!), so instead I have a billion skill points from a high base int and low damage from a low base str.)

    I have mixed feelings about this.

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    Based on how the enhancement feedback stands at present, I agree that a lot of builds look like they're gonna die. In particular, I think:

    - the melee + manyshot (Juggernaut et al) builds become a lot harder to create, unless you invest heavily in the deepwood stalker tree (which means that you're looking at rangers as a base class/heavy splash for any melee + manyshotter)
    - The DC casting builds are essentially dead at this point anyway (even on live), and the changes to spellpower mean that wizard is likely to be stronger for shiradi variants
    - Battleclerics are history if the changes go through as they currently stand, and melee FVS are less powerful than currently
    - most of the /2 splash builds that use monk or rogue are significantly weakened, as you're unlikely to be able to spare the 3rd tree on class enhancements from your 2 splash class

    The key change really is that builders have to start thinking in terms of trees rather than classes; a multiclass character will become one where you're mixing together the enhancement trees as the primary focus, with class abilities likely to become secondary.

    There are a couple of build ideas that look interesting based on the current state of the enhancement changes, but tbh its probably not worth investing any real time into creating build ideas until much closer to release, as I suspect a lot will change from now until then.

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