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    Default Looking for some advice, need pro builders.

    Okay where to begin.

    ----my past------
    after having enough fun on my battle cleric for about a year,
    What i mostly liked about the current build was trapsmithing, umd, decent damage, and survivability.

    with update 14 breaking ac, update 17 breaking most trap dc's and the new kind of EE do way more damage then my current hp, i think it is time to respec his build.

    the game also changed unarmed fighting. used to be that all damage came from added effects from gear, like holy tod rings, sets, brawling gloves etc. to relying on base damage.
    as in: reinforced fists, ED's and adamantine knuckels to get 10 damage dice. while it is an increase from 1d20 to 10d20 for a pure monk, mine is only 1d4/1d6. This is the reason i am currently thinking of dropping unarmed and sadly my stunning fist dc aswell.

    ----current build----
    I am leaning heavelly towards a Half elf, 17cleric or druid(mostly cleric), 2monk, 1 roque or artificer.
    looking at 900±hp with 345% healing amp(think of the aura) working on dodge and displacement clikies/ scrolls. this with the 150hp shield from cacoon should give me some survivability.

    now where i needed help with, this build allows about 4 feats after metamagics / hp feats.

    My options for these are:

    ------spear of the sky & cleave --------
    with grandmaster being my ED i can only choose momentum swing or sence weakness, not both.
    I am curious what kind of dps ill be able to get with a medium strength rating, spamming cleave, great cleave and momentum swing. since this spear is effected by the GMOF added dice, should be able to get about 5-7d10 worth of base damage. think of 30-50 strength tops since my main focus is wisdom for ein dc, con for survivability.

    I've seen the juggernaut video's, its quitte impressive, unsure how much strength that build has though.

    with 4 attacks per arrow, this can be a real sweet hitter, dislike the cooldown like everyone else.
    got 4 feats for this but is it worth the investment? i will not have combat archery, or ten thousand stars.
    elven arcane archer might just be in range. 14 AP's for slaying arrows though. also ive heard that these are broken.

    ----- Epic destiny clikies--------
    thinking of spamming lily petal, drifting lotus orcherd blossom from GMOF.

    together with avenging light, baulder toss, energy burst(artificer level will help with force/cold damage).
    ill dump my feats into hp or sp this way.

    Either or, ill craft myself a kama with 10/20% healing amp and different ones for gianthold dragon resistances/absorbtions.

    any advice is welcome.
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    ranged is 53 attacks per min,*1.2 /3 * 4 = about 84 attacks in 20 seconds.

    pinnion 30 base damage
    no strength.
    7 sonic damage
    7 holy arrows
    3 divine favor
    vorpel chance is 4.75% for 500 damage = 4 times = 2000 damage in 1 manyshot average.

    47 dmg per hit.

    84*47 = 3948 + 2000 slaying.
    total: 5948, lets say 6000 dmg in 20 seconds = 300dps.

    300 dps is meh for my tastes, might become better with ED's included.

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