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    Post Guessing the new enhancement effect on my charaters

    Based off the wiki and from what I've read I tried to figure out what my character changes will be when this new enhancement system eventually takes hold. Starting with ....

    level 18 Artificer / level 2 Monk
    Weapon Type: Light Repeating x-bow
    Epic: Shiradi Fate Twist: Boulder Toss, Regeneration
    Notable Feats: Insightful Reflexes, evasion, Quicken
    Spells: Blade Barrier, Flame Turret, All buffs

    Enhancement Spread
    2 Henshin Monk ( Way of the Monkey )
    2 Drow Race ( Mostly useless stuff for this class )
    36 Battle Engineer ( Tier 5 abilities )
    32 Arcanotechnician
    8 extra

    The plus
    No movement loss while charging rune arm.
    +2 spell resistance ( drows still get their natural 30, right? )
    +2 AC ( neglible for any class not spec'd in AC )
    +10 PPR ( as above )
    +4(prev +2) to hit x-bow ( I don't miss much now )
    +90 spell points ( Don't need. almost never run out of sp )
    -2 quicken spell metamagic cost reduction ( really don't need )
    a single temporary spellpoint after casting a spell ( wow a whole spellpoint! )
    a bunch of SLA spell abilities I will likely never use cause x-bow does better damage
    except: maybe admixture heal potion toss that might be ingredient free. ( no potion required? )*
    +1 Drow int bonus ( at the cost of -2 dex, but given Insightful that's an okay trade )
    +4(prec +3) Artificer int bonus ( assuming that the int bonuses from both artificer trees stack )

    * = Can I have the progress required 30 core enhancement without getting any level 5 tier enhancements and taking level 5 tier enhancements from the other art tree?

    The even trade
    Uncaring master
    +2 extra weapon enhancement stays the same
    +2 critical Seeker stays the same
    endless fuselage I think is the same though costs much more to get
    recharge / decay / max charge rune arm I think stays about the same
    way of the clever monkey remains the same
    +9% force crit chance ( now for force, fire and lightning, 4% if magic Training doesn't give 5%)*

    * = rumor has it that items took a big hit as well for crit chance which would put this in bad

    The Bad
    +0(prev +2) damage for repeating crossbow ( sigh I'd rather have the damage )
    +0(prev +4) improved use magic device ( seriously no UMD bonus in art? That seems so wrong )
    +32/72(prv +100) force spellpower ( though now its universal spell power. split because depends on rune arm level )*
    +100%(prev +125%) crit damage with force spells ( so increased crit damage is completely gone? )
    +0( prev +30) hp ( battle engineer + toughness I + toughness II Ouch! )

    * = could be much worse if items lose their crit damage increases too.

    Ultimately I think it's a strong nerf for this character. He'll do less damage. Blade Barrier, Boulder Toss, Rune arm, x-bow will be less. On the plus side I might be able to experiment with different types of rune arms instead of getting specialized in force. The hp thing is just salt in the wound, this character is already twiggy.

    Anything I got wrong?

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    Well I'm not on Lamma right now but I do know you get bonus points in UMD for every core ability you purchase

    Edit: NVM I'm sorry I'm wrong I think its Bard that gets the extra UMD.
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    Break even chars (4):
    halfling cleric (gets to take advantage of /2 monk cheese)
    halfling fvs (although he will only have essentially one class tree)
    human monk 12/paladin 8 (will lose some heal amp and positive spell power but have other gains)
    bladeforged paladin/wiz 1 (repair skill will make up for lost enhancement, will take racial tree instead of DOS)

    Benched chars (2):
    human necro based sorcerer
    shiradi force sorc

    Jury is out (1):
    ranger 11/monk 7/fighter 2 monkcher (may reincarnate into a 6/6/8 abomination to abuse the system)

    The problem is that my favorite class is sorcerer. So I'm swearing off spending any turbine points until they get a second prestige tree (assuming it isn't protection). Unfortunately, I've already bought the expansion so I can't hang that over their head.

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