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    Default DDO Client torrent

    Could someone who has downloaded it recently create a torrent and post the link?
    Then maybe a load of us can download it just to seed for people when required. I need it now and i certainly would seed it.

    Crib Goch

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    I'll see if I can't download through Pandora myself. If I can I'll make a torrent.

    EDIT: Negatory. 0b/s. gg Turbine people can't get your game.
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    Damn, one day too late. I just deleted the installation files yesterday. I had downloaded it a couple weeks ago because a hard drive glitch corrupted some of the files. Yesterday I was cleaning up my drive and the DDO installer was one of the things I deleted. I've got a 70/30 fiber connection so I wouldn't have minded seeding it.

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