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    Default Devs, as you do this - take a cue from Primal Avatar and Fatesinger

    Some stuff may be borked, but in many ways those are two of the most generically useful EDs. It's kinda like when you developed them you said "hey, so what happens when some fighter guy is in this ED? What do they take?"

    Take that same kind of questioning and framework and apply it to the class and racial PREs.

    For each class PRE, take a step back and consider who might be interested in that capability - and how much of a disconcerted tax some of the pre-reqs may be for them. S&B tanks are not TWF or THF folks who go defender, and certainly not monk-splashed defenders ... boosts to AC or PRR shouldn't universally assume plate-and-shield is the only type of character who will take this.

    For the racial PREs, run through each class (and maybe each PRE or major build archetype). What would a defender-type (S&B) Half Orc take? Melee bard? Caster?

    I know we're only alpha ... but seriously - it isn't too early to look at it from this lens. This is where the player base is coming from with their reactions. We have all sorts of cool variety, and if we chain and link too many things together you're going to drive that to fewer options.
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    It's really too bad the dev in charge of Fatesinger was let go from Turbine last Fall

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    Default Which dev was that?

    Quote Originally Posted by rest View Post
    It's really too bad the dev in charge of Fatesinger was let go from Turbine last Fall
    Fatesinger is one of my favorite destinies. It's the only destiny that doesn't have a class or three for whom it's a painful terrible grind.
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