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    Default Lesser Reincarnation Bug with new enhancements

    So I am on lam land now, had a main ready today who was a cleric 18/monk 2/epic 5, with maxed out destinies.
    Checked a trainer had full access to the 2 cleric trees and the 3 monk trees.

    I then used a lesser heart +5 to swap in 4 more monk levels and 1 ranger level so she is now cleric 12/monk 6/ranger 1.
    After the reincarnate process I try to set her enhancements, and I have access to only cleric trees and ranger trees, with no access to monk trees at all. She has had access to elf tree entire time.
    Logged out and back in still no access. I have bug reported.
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    Wow, that was an incoherent stream of incorrect assertions! I don't even know how to respond because the entire sentence is nothing but nonsensical babble. Did you even read what you wrote before you pressed the Submit button?

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    The fact that you could see the monk trees is in-of-itself the bug. This week is suppose to only allow the preview of Cleric, Ranger, Fighter, Artificer and Paladin.

    Apparently when you reincarnate in any way shape or form, you will apply this appropriate rule set to your character.

    I will go ahead and say that your results are not a bug; however the preceding glimpse you had before the reincarnation was in fact a bug. I noticed the very same thing with my 18 Wizard/2 Monk. I could see the Wizard trees and even spend points in them prior to a LR. After the LR I could see nothing other than my racial tree.

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