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    So is it WAI that the bottom lines of the enhancement trees actually cost action points? Back when the discussion about the enhancement pass started I recall a dev saying that these were supposed to be granted for free as you spend points in the tree.

    So are they bugged or has this plan changed, if it has changed why? Personally I think it would make sense for them to be granted freely for the points spent.

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    I think they're not auto-grants, despite the similarity to the ED window. It's a horizontal line of requirements, instead of vertical.
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    If that is WAI then there are no user interface designer working at Turbine...

    oh wait!

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    They are called "Core Enhancements", and it's WAI that they cost AP, see here:

    You can think of them as a series of capstones - these are the abilities you essentially want to splash deeper than 6 for.
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