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    Default Barby-Oh achievements (BYOH Barb)

    If you were looking for anything with the phrase "Epic Elite", this is the wrong thread. In fact this is almost an anti-accomplishment thread. It is an attempt to demonstrate that what many people consider unworkable is in fact trivial.

    The Barby-Oh project is to provide a proof of concept that pure meele builds are not incompatible with BYOH. The project won't be a success until I can BYOH my way to level 20 and then grind enough epic destiny exp to have a healing option. This is my first barb, so I'm learning as I go which means I'm not comfortable writing up the conclusion before I get there.

    But in the meantime, I did want to start sharing what I have so far. This thread was the best I could come up with.

    The build is an 18 Barb/2 Fighter with max str, high con and a generic barb build set of feats: Stunning Blow, Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave, Toughness, Improved Crit Slash, THF, ITHF, GTFH.

    The equipment is for the most part worse than what I expect from a random pug member. I'll provide the equipment list in each video post since it changes from level to level. This toon is on my secondary account, so I couldn't uber twink this character even if I wanted too.

    Crafting - The build does make use of Cannith crafting, mostly for the weapons. The crafting shards can be made with a skill in the high 30s or even bought as unbound shards. I do not consider this out of reach for the average player.

    You can click the arrow by the post title to see my gear list and notes for that run.
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