We've updated our bug reporting tool for DDO! This new tool will allow us to receive and review many more bugs than our previous system, and is accessible both in and out of the game.

Important Notes:
  • You do not need a forum account in order to access the new bug reporting tool.
  • The new system provides more guidance during the bug submission process, asking for more details regarding certain types of bug reports.
  • The old bug reporting system link may appear in some areas of the website. Please disregard these links, as they will be overwritten during the DDO website updates this month.
  • If you have previously had difficulty with the bug reporting tool (e.g. you aren't sure that your bug actually went through in the old system), you are welcome to resubmit a bug in the new tool.
  • The new bug reporting tool is most compatible with Firefox and IE browsers, though it will also work in Chrome and Safari browsers.