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    Warforged, at the moment, are inferior as melee, and this tree does nothing to change that. There are a few gems in it, but overall the tree needs a LOT of work.

    My suggestions:

    Core Abilities:
    The initial one that increases fortification by 50% is fine, as are the ones that increase CON. However, the other ones that increase fortification should be replaced by ones that increase PRR, say by 10 each.

    Tier 1:

    Construct Nature: The repair amp is cool, but as many others have said, it is really only useful for Warforged that can already cast repair spells. At the very least, I would say to increase the repair amp from the enhancement to 10%/20%/30% and the healing amp to 60%/75%/90%. Ideally I would like to see the two separated from each other, with Healer's Friend allowing no penalty to positive energy spells (at the cost of some fortification), and Mechanist as it is.

    Construct Toughness: I will be very surprised if anyone takes this enhancement as it is (this extends to every tier so I won't repeat myself). I can see people taking it if 5 HP for 1 AP, but not at the steep price of 5 HP for 2 AP. Just way too expensive.

    Construct Nature/Inscribed Armor/Construct Stability: These are fine as they are.

    Tier 2:

    Damage Reduction: 6 AP for 3 damage reduction is a bit steep as it currently is, especially since it can be bypassed by a metal. At the third tier, it should change any amount of DR you have that is /Adamantine to /-.

    Great Weapon Aptitude: Terrible in general. Change it to a doublestrike bonus when wielding two-handed weapons (something like 1%/2%/2% for a total of 5% would be great).

    Construct Nature/Warforged Tactics: Good

    Missing: Give an enhancement line that gives bonuses against poisons and diseases. Tier 1: +3 bonus, Tier 2: +6 bonus, Tier 3: Immunity

    Tier 3:

    Improved Body: My main criticism here is that Composite Body has no bonuses. Give it a dodge bonus maybe?

    Brute Fighting: On its own, it is decent. On a Warforged, with lower healing amp, PRR, and survivability than a fleshie in general, it isn't good. Please fix these problems. At the moment, Warforged melee do NOT want lots of threat.

    Improved Power Attack: Good

    Missing: It would be nice for spellcasters if they could get some benefit here. Perhaps something like, "Improved Inscribed Armor: You have an extra 2/4/6 percent chance to critical with Lightning and Repair spells"?

    Tier 4:

    Warforged Resolve: Terrible. Make it repair (NOT temp HP) equal to the repair skill (not affected by spellpower), and have the +2 bonus to saves apply for 60 seconds.

    Weapon Attachment: Awesome.

    Finally, have the Warforged body feats be an additional feat at level 1 like the Half-Elf dilettante feats. As it currently stands, taking one of the body feats is spending one of your feats to have inferior armour to a fleshie of an appropriate type. At the very least, it SHOULD be a free feat.

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    I mostly agree with AylinIsAwesome .

    Most notably I agree about the Warforged body feats. They need to be an added feat like the Half-Elf dilettante feats.

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    Weapon Attachment: So often cooldown starts before the effect applies, can't move when applying (also takes a bit too long). Couldn't you make it any more annoying to use? Mere removed when you unequip is enough, the 3 min cooldown is just too long when you can't use it while in combat, at least if you take a hit while trying.

    So please fix cooldown to only apply after the effect applies, maybe a bit lower cooldown too if applying has to prevent using legs..

    Physical resistance for at least the last core tier would be nice.
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    Does anyone know if the Weapon Attachment for Warforged stacks with the one from Artificer Battle Engineer? I assume they don't, but if they do I definitely wanna grab it!
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    Default Why do the ap costs not match?

    Mithral body improvement or improved body mithral enhancement costs 2 ap compared to ranger/fighter enhancement improved mobility which does the same thing, but costs only 1 ap. Warforged have a hard enough time as it is keeping up with other races with their mithral body having such a low dex max (5 which NEVER changes as opposed to all other mithral armors that have a min of 13 without any other enhancements at end of game) that having the enhancement to improve that, cost more than the same thing for ranger's and fighter's is a travesty. Also I do like the other ideas posted in this thread about having a improved composite plating as part of that improved body enhancement and making the body choice of a warforged a bonus feat at creation with composite a choice so just wearing any kind of armor doesn't cost an extra feat compared to all other races no matter what class you are. I would love the cost to make warforged more friendly to healer's to be 1 ap, but at least it is on par with the cost before the enhancement revamp so that probably isn't likely to change. Thanks for listening.

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    Weapon attachment is lame.

    Bladeforged are like WF but better in nearly all cases. Only the iconic mechanics prevent someone from really using Bladeforged (and that's changing).
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