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    Default For those that still think druids are gimp

    I started this solo EE crusade because I got declined a few times on Sarlona stating that druids are useless in most cases and I noticed the same statement on the forums.
    So I just wanted to show that druids can actually be powerful and they are not entirely gimp as opposed to what most people think of them. I am well aware that these EEs have been soloed before by many people but I have never seen any druid do them in this subforum yet, which is the reason why I am posting this.

    I also want to mention that I have soloed these EEs without any reentry and using minimal SP pots ( 3 maximum in 'Reclaiming the rift' ) and no hirelings.

    Yes I am in the Shiradi Champion destiny but hey, this is pretty much the ONLY decent destiny for a caster druid, as opposed to arcanes who have draconic incarnation, magister. Please don't say 'Primal avatar', because this is actually the worst destiny ever made because of all the bugs in it

    I posted the links to the images only so the page is not overwhelmed.


    EE Impossible demands.
    Not difficult if you know what you are doing.

    EE Unquiet graves
    Again, not hard if you know what you are doing.

    EE The lost thread
    Surprisingly easy.

    EE Battle for Eveningstar
    This one was quite challenging, especially the end fight, which was a 9-10 minutes of kiting. Used 2 SP pots.


    EE House of rusted blades
    I felt it would be too easy if I pulled the boss only in the corner, so I decided to fight all the trash and the boss in the middle at the same time.

    EE House of broken chain
    Easy if you have good CC, but the end fight can get messy when you fight in the middle of the room.

    EE House of death undone
    Killed the mistress for fun and giggles, otherwise this quest is not really difficult to solo.

    EE Portal opens
    The driders that trip you are really annoying and can kill you if you are not paying attention.


    EE Trial by fury
    I did a few optionals for fun too, I thought it'd be cheap to take the shortcut straight to the boss. The boss hurts a lot but easy overall if you pay attention.

    EE The deal and the demon
    Surprisingly harder than I thought. The mistresses and mages were annoying. The end boss hurts a lot as well.

    EE Reclaiming the rift
    This one is a pain in the butt for a caster that is not using the shrine outside the quest ( reentry ). I fought everything in the middle so earthquakes helpled a lot. Again, I hate the driders very much and the bebilith has so much HP. Took me 3 attempts.


    EE Don't drink the water
    I cannot DDoor, so I had to fight in the pit with the dragon. He hurts a lot but it is possible.

    EE In the belly of the beast
    Surprisingly easy. Earthquake was very useful for the CC considering the incredible amount of mobs. Oh and I didn't fight on the ledge, I fought down in the pit like a real man


    EE Thorn and paw
    The druids were annoying because they remove all AOE effects and bears hurt a lot. Other than that it is not that difficult. I forgot the floor crumbles near the shrine, which is the reason why I got a death

    EE Overgrowth
    Moderately challenging. The way to the boss was much harder than the actual boss.

    EE Outbreak
    Pretty easy quest except the end boss who is extremely difficult. He runs so fast, he has a lot of hp and he hurts bad. He surprised me and killed me, but I got lucky there is a shrine near the boss.

    EE The druid's curse
    All the quest is quite easy except the end fight. It can get messy when the boss transforms into animal but it is manageable if you have good cc. Died 2 times at end fight because of earthquakes ( how ironic coming from a caster druid ) from the boss shaped into human form but thank you dog for grabbing my stone and taking me to shrine


    EE Rest stop
    I thought it would be a cakewalk but it was surprisingly difficult. As a druid, I could not channel holy energy nor arcane energy into the staff pieces so I had to die 2 times grabbing the pieces in order to kill the first boss. I thank my dog again for taking my stone to the shrine 2 times.

    EE Lost in the swamp
    Not really difficult overall, except the earth elementals at the end fight that are quite annoying.

    EE A stay at the inn
    Not really difficult if you have good CC at the beginning and the other parts of the quests were pretty straightforward. The end boss is overrated if you fight him upstair.

    EE Detour
    I completed this one but I used too many SP potions to post it here as an achievement. The end boss is not really difficult, but it was the million archers on the way that you have to kill one by one because Benson cannot move forward if the way is not entirely clear. It costs too much SP for a caster druid to kill that many single targets, especially archers that have crazy reflex saves.

    EE End of the road
    I managed to reach the end boss but could not complete. The spike traps at the end hurt too much when he pushes you up in the air and I don't see any possible way to complete it as a pure druid without evasion, unless there is an exploit that I am not aware of. Plus he is extremely resistant to cold and immune to fire, which are the 2 main elements of a caster druid.


    EE Offering of blood
    Again, not really difficult if you have good CC and the end boss is quite squishy. I even skipped the first shrine.

    EE Devil's assault
    I managed to reach the third phase, but my spells are very weak there. I can CC everything no problem but considering the 2 main elements of a druid caster are fire and cold and everything there is immune to fire and extremely resistant to cold, I could not keep up with the damage versus SP.


    It was great fun overall and I hope you have better appreciation of the druid's potential
    Oh and sorry for my english, I am french canadian
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