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    Default WTT EE Nether Grasps

    I have a pair of EE Nether Grasps.

    Interested in :

    Globe of True Imperial Blood
    EH Black Dragon Helm (+3 CON or +3 STR)
    Seal of House Avithoul
    Raid Bypasses

    Reply on this thread or send a mail or a tell to any of my toons if interested. I usually don't read my PMs on forums.
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    Hey there, its xxmazexx. Sorry havent been on much in a few days. Im gonna try to get on tonight around 6-7 central time and see if you're on for the trade, all else fails Ill mail ya a note or something.
    XxMazexX the Rogue SneakATank, 27th Life, Completionist.

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