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Thread: Uneven scaling?

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    Default Uneven scaling?

    I pointed out earlier that my 16 light monk can run around Vale of Twilight by himself and with his Ivy Wraps + Jitz in Fire Stance be at full health 99% of the time. Nothing there gives him any trouble.

    But when I go there with 2 friends, who each bring a hireling along, then I suddenly can't keep my health up at 100% without either using wholeness of body or fists of light. I guess this is because the enemies have more hp, but do they hit harder also?

    It's just frustrating, because if the game wants to encourage grouping, I should be able to kill enemies at least equally efficiently as without the group. But instead it's actually harder on me.

    Is the game "working as intended" in cases like this?

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    It is definitely WAI. I noticed the same thing a while back, but it seems dungeons are scaled for 4 people. So, difficulty-wise 4=5=6, but 1 is easier than 2, is easier than 3, is easier than 4. helps also for a slightly better explanation.

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    Scaling usually means the mobs have more hp. More hp in mobs=longer fight=more incoming damage due to mobs fighting longer. A general rule of thumb I use is: 2 players-no hires, 3 players-hireling or heal capable class.

    Heal capable class does not necessarily mean cleric or fvs. It means someone that can wand, scroll, throw a pot, or cast some sort of cure or heal. Most classes fit this description with proper attention paid to build and gear.
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    scaling means they have more hp, higher melee damage, and higher spell damage. In some cases it is actually far easier to solo a quest than to go in with a full party.

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    I typically run with me, my wife, two gold seals (panthers) and two silver seal hirelings.

    While not a full party per say, this shoves up the scaling enough to where when we solo or full group, the difficulty really doesn't seem to change save for the selections of C-N-H-E.

    Keeps the skills at a steady level to not have moments of "what happened? We are getting shreaded!"

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    The complete and detailed interworking's of dungeon scaling have never been fully explained even the wiki listing its very vague. My personal experience's show the wiki explanation of scaling to be invalid or out of date with the implementation of the monster manual I've been able to confirm npc HP changing under many party configurations contrary to the wiki. What I can confirm how ever there is a giant change in scaling between solo and a full group be it 6 or 12 regardless of the difficulty settings.
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    Scaling assumes you are working together as a group. Not one person hitting the north, One south and 2 over in the east.

    If you have 3 people in an instance hitting on Mob X, they 'Should' present approximately the same challenge as one person in an instance head to head
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    Quote Originally Posted by stefferweffer View Post
    I guess this is because the enemies have more hp, but do they hit harder also?
    Is the game "working as intended" in cases like this?
    Yes, the enemies do hit harder with higher dungeon scaling. The best way to test this is to use an effect that deals a set amount of damage to yourself, such as the Twisted Talisman. The change in the damage that it does will tell you what the instance's damage scaling is currently at.

    If anything, the 'unintended' aspect of this would likely be that the game becomes trivially easy to solo on Normal and Hard, not so much that things become a bit threatening at 4 person dungeon scaling.

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