Hello I am Matthew. I enjoy the D&D universe and the fantasy genre—and I also love singing and music!
Music to me gives the genre a huge amount of depth and there is great fantasy themed music from artists like Rhapsody, Blind Guardian etc and of course making up your own music is incredibly rewarding (though I admit I havn't done it much so atm I'm not good at it lol.)
I was wondering if there were any guilds that enjoyed singing, playing instruments, telling stories (with or without a role playing setting. I like RP but not strict "never drop character" rules.)

If you are reading this and your guild does not fit this description, could you do me a favor and tell me where the best place is to search? I found looking for guilds in this forum incredibly confusing.

Thanks for reading/replying .

PS:? These songs of hobbits dwarves and men and elves come close your eyes... you can see them too... ?