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    Default My Shiradi Sorc Gear

    Updated; Had a bit of a thinking session and swiched some stuff around. Also added info on what I have sloted.

    Hey, I could need some feedback on a few of my slots. I'm a air savant and that's unlikely to change.

    The current plan:
    Helm: Helm of the Blue Dragon +3 Cha. (Augments: +7 saves, Globe of True Imperial Blood)
    Goggles: Greensteel SP ConOp
    Docent: Flawless Blue Dragonscale Docent (Augment: <Empty Blue>)
    Weapon: Twilight, Element of Magic
    Wrists: Bracers of the Sun Soul
    Trinktet: Planar Focus: Erudition (swichable to bauble and eardweller for clickies)
    Cloak: Jeweled Cloak(EE) (Augments: +7 Dex, +35 HP)
    Belt: Arkat's Cord (Augments: +2 insightful Con, 14 PRR)
    Ring #1: Ring of the Jinn
    Ring #2: Ring of Master Artifice (Deathblock, +7 Str)
    Boots: Epic Rock Boots (Augments: Blindness immunity, +7 Con)
    Gloves: GS HP, MinII (Heavy fort)
    Neckie: torc, not so useful in EE (I have all but the seal for the epic one, that one I'd keep on)

    Got most of these, gotta farm the cannith challenges a bit though.

    Stat bonuses from gear:
    +8 Str
    +8 Dex
    +10 Con
    +8 Wis
    +1 Int
    +12 Cha

    Hp bonuses:
    +35 False life
    +45 GS HP
    +20 Toughness

    Sp bonuses:
    +450 GS SP (double due to sorc)
    +50 (set bonus planar focus -150 that's covered by GS)


    So, please tell me what you guys have in those slots or what you think I need to do with my gear.
    Got a few augments undecided still.
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