(Post is by my guildie Violation i just post since he can only read the forums and not post since he cant create a forum account for some reason)

Hey folks,
I finally put an end to this as i found the flaw in my build I did all quests with flawless and no reentry but Devil Assault. As i would require to wear shield, scarab or rely on high saves i abandoned after 7 tries. As if i make it, it would be done only with taking many ressources which goes against all i have done so far with this build. I did 90% of all EE quests mostly using heal scrolls. My goal was to avoid trading versatility,cc and dps for self heal, saves ac, dodge or prr. Past lives compensate a bit in certain areas but not that much since the destinies came out...

25 artificer, all lives done x3: All quests were done with 545-620 hp, 11 Physical Resistance Rating, 50 AC, 0% dodge, saves at highest 33-33-34 with gh and ship buffs (or less for test purpose), no evasion on shiradi.

Everything is possible... almost

As ship buff timers on means that i did not die, i took only 1 picture for the quests i still had the buffs on the moment of completion.
The time taken for completion is rarely accurate, so i didnt bother much with the last page of the XP report .

Here are the pictures of my EE quest completions

Enjoy and Have fun!