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Gives you the Peace of Mind knowing that you will actually get Barbarian as PL without worrying about Alphabetically ordered Class names and 2/9/9 or w/e other kind of builds.

Stunning Blow works best when Mega-Ultra Raged as a Barb which works counter-productively with Druid Spell Casting and pretty much anything else you want to do in the game besides drink Potions.

Not sure if OP planned on doing any Epics.

But *just* for leveling to get Barb PL.

and Given that the OP mentioned Druid.

9 Druid and 11 Barb seems a good balance for leveling a past life. Not for much else except some EN/EH with an understanding group.

On a Monk that can achieve good Stunning Fist DCs for Heroic Content and a Barbarian that intends to RAGE up to the strength for Stunning Blow to land I can understand Dwarf for DCs and such.

For Heroic Content a few more Druid Levels can't hurt to bolster what you give up by not being pure Barb or 2Ftr/18Barb with a drinking problem that only stacks to 10, slows you down and gimps your saves and is not needed for much of Heroic content.

Yeah....Of course there are much better build ideas out there building more on Class Strengths and Tactics but for just leveling a PL in Heroic Content....*almost* "anything" can work.
dont see the problem, barb is always first in the pl order.

also stunning blow dc is not hard to reach in animal form because you can equip a stunning weapon in offhand.
although i prefer vertigo of seeker shield (till 12) if the build is not stunning fist because blow is just to slow.