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Battle clerics get a bad name because of Dungeon Scaling.

The barbarian runs a quest with his hireling, kills stuff fast enough to be easy to heal, the hireling can easily keep him alive.

The battle-cleric runs a quest solo, does enough damage to complete the quest without much troublecompletes with half his sp bar left.

Our heroes join a 6-man party, all the enemies have 3 times the hp and do 3 times the damage. The barbarian is no longer that easy to heal, the battle-cleric no longer does enough damage to kill fast enough, they both blame each other for being bad players. What happened is that the game got a lot harder, punishing them for running together.
Mostly true assesment.

Regarding the bolded part, The game punished both players for playing solo in a group instead of changing their tactics and adapting to the strengths and weaknesses they both could potentially bring.