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    Default Ranger Tempest needs help with weapon choice

    Hi, I'm currently playing a ranger tempest (1 level of Rogue and Fighter, 7 Ranger), my IC are slashing weapons, I have Khopesh proficiency and was wondering what weapon enchantments would be best for me so I know what to look for when looking for new weapons. I like soloing a lot but on the other hand I don't want to be useless in groups... At the moment I have:

    +4 Khopesh of Righteousness / +2 Bodyfeeder Scimitar - main set
    Mace of the Wraith (+3, Force, Ghost Touch, Heavy Mace) / +2 Icy Burst Warhammer - for skeletons, wraiths and such

    I've got a few questions:
    1) Is Bodyfeeder Scimitar in offhand a good choice? It's 30% threat range with improved critical, which means it proc's a lot even in offhand and feels like the damage loss is minimal (especially since the offhand strike doesn't proc 100% yet).
    2) What would be a good weapon/enchantment against elementals? I usually have a problem with elementals on Elite versions of quests because of their DR.
    3) Am I going to need Cold Iron, Silver, Byeshk or any other kind of DR bypassing enchantment any time soon? I do mostly f2p quests +-2 levels from mine... I keep seeing them on the auction and I don't think I've ever met any Illithid or Vampire and only one Flesh Render (Caverns of Korromar)...

    Also any other comments are welcome :-)

    Edit: Actually don't have WF, got cofused with my fighter...
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