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    Default Cannith Crafting: A collection of cold iron...

    I have THREE cold iron quarterstaves my acrobat can use. One is blessed cold iron from the DDO store, two are BTA cold iron blanks.

    The blessed cold iron does good damage without any additional crafting. That's what the blessed refers to and it stays through disjunction.

    I made a holy of evil outsider bane +1 (ml 9 with masterful) to pass around my assorted leveling toons who might need it.

    That leaves me with two more. My acrobat is 20th level and my crafting toon has 100+ in all schools. I have scales, blood, mystical items, and whatever else I might need to sacrifice to the cause.

    What should I make to best take advantage of the two items and breaking the widest range of DR?

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    Cold Iron is of limited use for DR breaking. Some demons, some Eladrin in Running With The Devils, and some fae creatures that I'm not even sure actually exist in the game. Maybe Dryads, but you don't need DR breaking to knock a Dryad into next week.

    Holy of Chaotic Outsider Bane would be the best use of a Cold Iron weapon.
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    i made my bta staffs
    Holy of Undead Bane
    +1 ghost touch of undead bane
    both with cannith mark
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    Quote Originally Posted by eachna_gislin View Post
    What should I make to best take advantage of the two items and breaking the widest range of DR?
    One of the BTA ones could be an eladrin beater for running with the devils that you pass around as needed. Easiest would be +5 Unholy of Chaotic Outsider Bane, ML17 (15 w/masterful). Since this could theoretically be the only eladrin beater you ever need for the life of the account, maybe splurge and go +4 Unholy of Greater Chaotic Outsider Bane, ML17 w/masterful.

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