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    For leveling do I want a LitII or an Earthgrab?

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    I've found that a Lit2 will serve you well in virtually all content through level 20 (I recommend taking holy at tier 1). The good alignment helps with a lot of things while leveling up.

    Then again, earthgrab is cheaper (single shard for tier 3). So I might consider that for a less important character. Though, in my opinion, it's definitely less useful.

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    It depends what your plans are.
    For an arti-life on my multiple-TR toon I took the earthgrab... and it was GREAT!!!

    If I had taken a lit2 then I would have ended up with something I could not use in my other lives... no feat... no repeat. With the Earthgrab I can still Whip it out and summon a couple of elementals... useful until the shard of xoriat is available.
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