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    Default Cursed items on random gen loot!

    I believe it would be very interesting if items had a small chance to be 'cursed' on loot-gen items. Don't worry, only a small percentage of items should be cursed. But when they are cursed, the effects posed on them are interesting. There are 3 types of curse effects that can be put on lootgen items:

    • Visible effects that take up a prefix/suffix slot: One good example of an effect that could be seen as both a blessing and a curse is vicious: It does 2d6 damage but 1d3 to the wielder. Most cursed items have visible effects that are a blessing and curse, but some are just simply cursed, like negative penalties to stats, weapon attack/damage, exc.

    • Situational effects that do not take up a prefix/suffix slot: Some items work or do not work in certain situations.

    • Invisible effects that may or may not take up a prefix/suffix slot: These effects are mysterious and usually do not show up unless you wield it for a while and determine what it is. Effects like these show up as a weapon without either a prefix, a suffix, or in rare cases, without both.

    Here are a few examples of what I believe should be visible curse effects:

    • Hatred: This weapon deals an extra .5W damage(Or +10 spellpower, if its a casting weapon), but because of its hateful properties, increases the users aggression from attacks by 30%.

    • Betraying: Your attacks bypass 10% of your opponents fortification and AC, but also lowers yours by 10%.

    • Avoidance: When you wield this item, others hate you and spare you no quarter. Grants a +5 stacking bonus to intimidate, but also a -10 penalty to diplomacy, bluff, haggle and perform.

    • Monkey: When you equip this item, your body shrinks in power, giving you a -2 penalty to all stats.

    • Undoing: This weapon seeks to undo everything it touches. Opponents hit by this weapon suffer from the effects of sunder, destruction and curse, but also occasionally inflicts this effect on the wielder.

    • Greater undoing: As undoing, but effects are improved sunder, improved destruction, curse, and weapon deals .5W damage. Wielder effects are the same as weapon, including any other effects on it, such as icy burst, or holy.

    Here are a few examples of what I believe should be situational effects:

    • Weapon only works above freezing.
    • Weapon only works below freezing.
    • Weapon can only be wielded by a arcane or divine caster (Pick 1)
    • Weapon can only be unequipped when no enemies are in sight.
    • Weapon can only function when buffed with a enchantment.
    • Item only works with the presence of another item in your intentory.
    • Wielder must be dealt X amount of damage for the item to work.
    • Item must be immersed in lava once per day.
    • Wielder must be male/female (Pick one)
    • Wielder must change hair color to another one.
    • Item must be blessed by a silver flame cleric once per day.
    • Wielder must kill a enemy before it works for 1 hour.

    And here are a few examples of items with invisible effects:

    • Bound: Once equipped, you cannot unequip this item without either a remove curse cast at a level that equals the items enchantment, or a break enchantment-like check. This item is also bound to character on equip, regardless of whether or not the curse is removed.
    • Life-sap: This weapon slowly drains the user of their health, dealing 1d3 damage per minute and occasionally inflicting a negative level.
    • Wondrous: When the wielder is struck in battle or, if it is a weapon, deals damage, this weapon may cast a potion of wonder effect on the enemy or wielder.
    • Spell-sapping: Occasionally, this item will draw upon the users SP, draining 2d8 SP or causing a random casting penalty (Lower DC, slower casting, lower Spell Penetration, exc.) For a brief time.
    • Traitorous: If a enemy rolls a 20 on the wielder, the wielder is subject to a vorpal effect.
    • Warp: On a rare occasion, this item will teleport the user either a short distance away (usually a couple feet in a random direction) or a long distance away (Either to a dungeon instance, part of stormreach, or to another realm).
    • Divine wrath: If the wielder of this item is struck in battle, there is a chance that a deity will punish them for their weakness, dealing moderate light damage or causing debuffs.

    Most curses on items can be removed. Those who have remove curse can attempt to cast it on a wielder with a cursed item that is NOT locked. Break enchantment can also remove cursed items with a successful check equal to the items enchantment level. These only work if a item has a known curse however; unknown curses cannot be removed, but artificers can detect them with a discern item spell.

    What do you think? Yay? Nay? Say?
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    What would be the point of any of that, though? The majority of people play the game as a straight ahead optimzed loot-and-pillage fest. Most of the playerbase would avoid those items like the plague, which would waste the time and money spent on programmers to create them.
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    Neat idea, but while I love "cursed" or "powerful-but-with-a-downside" items in role-playing games, I don't see them translating well into a game like this.

    It's enough of a crapshoot on loot already, I'd hate to finally get that Metoric greataxe and have it give me negative levels. Curse removal in this game is so easy that it would trivialize any role-playing aspect of such items, too.

    That said, I think Named items that are very powerful, but have a downside to them, too would be interesting. Kinda like the loot from the Madness chains, but on a larger scale.

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    No thank you.

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    It would work ok in PnP, not so much in a video game like this one.

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