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    Quote Originally Posted by FestusHood View Post
    Yes, i have a fighter who, at level 20, can do no fail heal scrolls with no gear swaps. I have learned something from playing him, and also having played a cleric, and several other toons who can heal themselves with spells. Scroll healing is a very pale imitation of spell healing. At least if you are doing it on yourself. Healing someone else with a scroll is one thing, but making concentration checks, and just having to constantly swap between your weapon and a scroll is a pain in the butt. That's my take on it.

    Newer players are going to have a much harder time making self healing characters from some classes. Or for that matter to even know they are supposed to, since it's far from obvious. For the record, when i talk about healing, i am only talking about hit point recovery. Not poison, disease, etc.

    The idea that letting everybody die is sometimes the best healing is just beyond my thinking. If i'm playing a game with someone which involves throwing and catching a ball, and it turns out that someone isn't good at catching, my reaction is not to throw the ball harder, or more inaccurately in an attempt to make them fail and look foolish. I'll try to adjust how i'm throwing to make it as easy as possible for them to catch it. Because i want us both to succeed.

    I'm not there to teach people lessons. I'm there to do my best to help the group succeed. If i have to do more than someone else because i can, then i will. If i can easily complete the quest solo with everyone around me dead ( because i intentionally let them die) I should be good enough to get everybody through alive, or at least try to.

    Everyone will eventually figure it out and improve, or they won't. In my opinion, trying to provide 'tough love' by intentionally making it harder on people is never helpful. Some people need more help than others. Because they are new, because they are untalented, whatever, i don't distinguish. The thing to remember is that this is a game. Absolutely nothing we are doing here is actually important.
    Scrolls are fine out of combat or if you are running away; to heal fast while fighting there are silver flame pots

    I'm perfectly aware that we all were new once, but new doesn't mean ********

    Succeeding in DDO means completing the quest: if to complete you have to let someone die cause they are more harmful than helpful, so be it. You can rez them at chests so they get their loot And i do not base my judgement on a single action: everyone makes dumb things sometime. But if someone is constantly requiring heals without doing anything good to deserve them, i know it's time to make a free spot in my backpack
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    Hello OP

    I thought I would add my bit.

    Two of the key things that will aid you in being a good Cleric are confidence and perseverance. On your first Cleric both are going to take a bit of a pounding - even more so if you PuG.

    I had a love/ hate relationship with my current main - I loved the idea of a Cleric but hated the responsibilty of healing. Death or wipes I took personally and I pretty much took 18 months to get to L25 due to parking him so often.

    The trick is to stick with it and keep on playing. If you have a spell of bad runs, try and put it behind you and press on. The more you park/ solo because of "healer guilt" the tougher it is to go on.

    Take nothing personally

    My Cleric is now my favourite endgamer and Im happiest when running EE.

    Every now and then I still have a confidence crisis especially when I've missed a heal, pressed the wrong button or stood in the wrong place and been incapped and caused a death etc etc and Ive been so annoyed with myself that I could bash my head against the keyboard, but then I put it behind me and move on.

    Ive not answered your OP Im afraid (but theres plenty of advice in the rest of your thread anyway) but hopefully I've offered a little advice on an issue you may yet run into.

    Keep on soldiering on with your Cleric and Im sure you will come to love it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by csivils View Post
    In a non-raid situation, if a player is rushing into a situation where they can't live the few seconds it takes the healer to arrive... the WORST thing you can do is heal that player... you are just re-enforcing bad behavior and passing the problem on to the next healer.

    My play on that would be... *door open* *1-2 seconds* *ding* *ding*... "wow you died fast..." I'll rez you after I clear this room.

    Of course, suicidal idiots tend to be much less of a problem in BYOH groups because everyone expects to be responsible for their red bar. Any healing thrown their way is conditional on responsible behavior. I'll even tolerate an occasional bad idea, but bad habits... get to fend for themselves.
    I guess.

    But when I'm on a healer part of my fun is keeping everyone alive even through fail behavior if it doesn't cost me too much.

    Also, I had a hard time when i was new determining whether it was me being a terrible healer (which I still kinda am) or whether the party was at fault.

    I'll leave adjusting peoples behavior to others, my advice in party is never met very well so I just leave it usually.

    I figure most reckless squishies know what they are, deep down, in that place they don't want to examine.

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    My advice is a little different.. It has been said before but PUGs are like a box of chocolates.. You never know what you will get. Never go into 6 man groups with preconceived ideas on how to make it work, or what your role is..

    I like to look at the Guild names, HP, classes, and occasionally a quick examine on a few to see what gear/effects they have on. I make some assumptions.. But I am tentative on committing to a roll until I see how the party operates. Unless you have a strong leader who you confirm your role with.

    I try and have / cultivate 3 modes for my healer.

    Healing Apron > Stand back and heal, situational CC (avoid agro). - If it is a Mele focused party/ or raid group with strong DPS typically healing helps out the most

    Lord of War > DPS with some healing > Either mele or ranged or DC caster.. If reasonable self sufficient toons and / or great crowd control. (Relax and have fun mode)

    Headless Chicken Emergency Mode > Kiter / CC > If group is overpowered with no CC... BB, sound burst, whatever you can to grab aggro.. Run things around while healing your self so group can pick them off one by one. I like to scream get them off me while doing this for added affect. >Advanced and assumes strong defensive build and good gear< A person made an earlier reference to Fall of Truth as an example of this.

    Key thing is look at the party and figure out how to fill in the holes. Strong players have not only the gear, but they have the flexibility to do many things as needed for the specific quest or needs of the group.

    One other thing is learn when to carry a stone. Some people are either a detriment (not listening, extremely underpowered, all DPS and no defense) or just annoying to heal (around corners, not waiting for traps when they have no evasion or defenses). Put them in your pocket, and ignore their tells about what a terrible healer you are. Also do the opposite. Figure out who the strongest player is, and ensure they stay up even if others die. A strong player with a good healer can easily recover from near wipe..

    My personal bent though is to build sufficient defenses to be survivable. Healer death is #2 on causes of wipes. I build for AC, PRR, Saves, Evasion (Monk splashes), and foot speed.

    My 2 copper.

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    I rolled baby fvs few days ago just because, and to make a company for my glorious leader,duo streaking to cap. Nothing special, might give you some gearing ideas.
    Command, unmetaed soundburst+holy smite, nuke with maximized searing lights, breaking boxes, opening doors, holding windows.
    You can cc elites on 1st lifer with 2 tome.
    Your experience can really depend how others play and gear their toons.

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    Side note :
    All our comments and advices on Feat/Enhancements mix are going to be invalidated soon by the Enhancement Update.
    It's going to be interesting to see what will come out of that.
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    I carry a few pots on my clerics only for really hard quests and even then I wont waste them on a group that doesn't deserve them. Dont just heal, help out by buffing or dropping some BB's or other damage your dots can be a huge help sometimes, greater or even regular command, sound burst. Just practice is all I can say.

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    Hello there

    I may come late but here are my two cents:

    My first toons were a sorc, a fighter, a pali, a rogue, etc.. I never thought about playing a cleric, until I decided to make one for favor runs in other servers.

    Well, I loved it so bad that I needed to create one on my server (Ghallanda)

    So I started a 28 pt build cleric. I can melee if it is a small party with no tank around, or I can just stay back and heal if the others take care of the mobs. Meanwhile I managed to get my hand on a few sp pots from loot with my other toons. I also got some scrolls and wands for those rough times with low sp.

    Now the fun part for me: I thought I was going to be a very bad healer, but since I made this toon, I've been told a few times "great healing" and things alike. It is always very good to hear and read the others opinions in a such positive way. I have no special method, I just created the toolbars as I got new spells, and tried to place them in an easy way to figure. And I found that I rarely need to use scrolls / wands. And yes, I already had the chance to play with either experienced and new players. Currently my cleric is on her 2nd life, also as a cleric.

    I'm posting a screenie of my cleric toolbars so you can see what I control directly, and what I use with mouse clicking. Attention: I'm not saying "this is the best cleric layout", I'm saying that I found this layout a good option for me, and I feel it works very well. Each one has its own prefered layout, period.

    1 st line: empower, buffs
    2nd line: turn abilities, theres a Harm spell to heal necro wizzys and a few items to fast switching
    3rd line: summons, some protections (I replaced those by resists anyway)
    4th line: alternative, mass cure spells, and a few auxiliary spells I don't use often
    5th line (always active toolbar): direct control functions, like sunder for melee mode, and the 3 cure spells I use more often, from 6 to 0 some usefull spells
    Base Toolbar: remove curse, disease, restore and alike spells and sp pots

    The trick here is to change my mouse mode as needed in a dungeon (mouse look mode vs free mouse). I use free mouse to freely click when I need during a fight, if I can stand still or move not too much; I use mouse look mode when moving and turning corners, following the party around.

    Also, try to "learn" yourself abilities. I mean, I assume you didn't use vet status, but the perfect way is NOT using it. In a new class, a player needs to "feel" the class and toon upgrades and make the changes on your playstyle acordingly. I started with 1 toolbar in lvl 1; when I TRd my cleric, I had around 9 toolbars (no other toon of mine had so many toolbars).

    And don't forget the more important: to have fun
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