I finally purchased 32pt build and vet status recently, and wanted to reroll my halfling monk.

So, first question is: Staff monk. Works with THF feats, right? Is it worth using, as opposed to unarmed?

Second: Last I asked the forums (quite a while ago), Light side monk wasn't really worth it past level 9 or so. Is that still the case? Was it ever? :P I like the light monk, in general, so I'd rather use that if it's not going to screw me.

So, halfling dex based 32pt staff using light monk.

Off topic question that's not worth starting a thread for: Have there been improvements to how ranged combat works/feat support for ranged combat? I've still yet to play a ranged ranger to any high level, even though that's pretty much the main thing I've been wanting to play since the game launched. If there are already threads explaining this, feel free to just tell me where they are. I didn't find any, but there's a lot of forum, and I only have so much time every day for foruming. :P

Thanks for any advice, folks!