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    Default Planning a path to forever...

    I just deleted about 5 characters off my account. All my random 5-10 alts. I'm going to stick with "just" my main characters (2 static groups, 1 third life FvS, and monk working on epic destines - not exactly short here), and one character on the path to Completionist.

    I will be mostly soloing, and I don't expect to ever hit my goal. I do expect to have fun going along the path though.

    This post is really just for my reference and for me to keep track of my lives.

    Basic Idea:
    1) Few XP Pots - I cant resist using them in a few key areas *cough* Litany of the Dead *cough*
    2) No LRs to get level in a past life.
    3) Mostly solo. Hirelings are just fine. (For me, soloing is playing in a way that random AFK's don't inconvenience other players)

    Life Order:
    1. Barbarian
    2. Bard
    3. Fighter
    4. Monk
    5. Paladin
    6. Ranger
    7. Wizard
    8. Sorcerer
    9. Favored Soul
    10. Cleric
    11. Artificer
    12. Druid
    13. Rogue

    I didn't choose my life order is by from which past life feat I think would help the most - none of them are that big of a help. I chose the order from many different things. I don't like playing a barb, so that's my first life. I expect to do a lot of HE's with cleric dilly and / or multiclassing to add healing to builds.

    I plan on creating starting my first life on 4/7/2013. I plan on updating this post after each TR.
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