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    For the record, Laeelin, I like your plan, I think the mere formulation of it and the declaration of intent to put it into action is achievement enough to warrant inclusion here, and I may well use it as a template for my own endeavors. I've been pondering where to go after hitting 25th level with my current Monk character and I have five Stones of Experience to ease the journey a bit. I'm going to save those for the lives I decide I really hate.

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    something maybe u missed:

    wanna use hire in melee lives? get druid pl earlier
    wanna be trapper or use umd? get arti pl earlier
    wanna feel op in arti and druid lives? get sorc earlier
    wanna feel op in the sorc life? get clr, fvs and or wiz earlier

    what should i do?
    rogue for sneak attack?or pally for healing amplification?
    rogue for sneak attack?or pally for healing amplification?(the option u didn't take before)
    rest of melee lives, choose the order

    the idea is not hitting only the completionist, is getting a nice experience, so the easiest lives go first, then you get the useful pl (druid and arti, then aim to useful to melee too, rogue and pally) so you can feel like boss before getting the completionist

    suffering to get a +2 all stats, or spending $ like a damm noob to get the same, aren't funny choices imho

    in fact i'm gonna take 3 pl of each, it's not like im worried about the completionist feat or endgame, prolly will leave ddo before hitting it(actually last druid life, got 1ed/life while getting tokens, have all ED maxed rn) but every time i swap class im fa away from being a first lifer, not only for the stats, for the pl i got before, and how easy were to get (druid with +3 evo and 120 sp? roflmao, same will be with arti, and clr/fvs lives first because they don't need a boost really)

    btw, you don't get xp in the ED til you claim it (take 20 and go fatespinner), think after "a few" lives claiming the new ED before tr'ing have seen that doesn't work

    oh and you can hold xp til lvl 21 if you start banking at 18, so looks like someone gave you 2x1 in lies, and wasn't me, with 1 life you can test it :P
    psykopeta is finally baconpletionist because there isn't anything to delay it more - thelanis, where the gimps claim to be pros and noobs claim to be pros, no newbies allowed(unless they claim to be pros), we have enough drama w/o them. PS: I post only in the latest thread shown in main page, in the weird case u want something from me, feel free to send pm

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    You know if you are looking for a place to put stuff that is only for your own reference, a wordprocessing document works just fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gkar View Post
    You know if you are looking for a place to put stuff that is only for your own reference, a wordprocessing document works just fine.
    This can be said to most bloggers.
    If you look at blogs, there are few good ones in oceans of boring texts.
    Blogs about gaming are not different than blogs about anything else.
    Quote Originally Posted by Originally Posted by Random Person #2 View Post
    People who exploit bugs in code are cheaters cheaters cheaters. And they are big fat ****yheads too.

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    Default ugh

    Can I get directions to the nearest gentlemans club? Maybe I can post about my mere accomplishment in just getting there.....if I get there?

    J/K. Post what you want OP. At least you are not trying to hurt anyones feelings or brag about something you did.
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