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    Default Augment Summons: WAI?

    My wolf currently has 72 PRR. 30 of this is from Primal Avatar Natural shielding. 12 of it is from the Feycraft leather armor on the wolf. This leaves 30 points remaining.
    None of the enhancements I selected provide PRR, and the only thing I can see that MIGHT provide it is Augment Summons.

    Augment states that it increases the fortification as well as the stats of the summons, hires, pets, etc however my wolf has 0% fortification.

    All I can figure is that augment is providing the unexplained 30 PRR my wolf is enjoying beyond the ED and armor boosts.

    Is this actually WAI and a wolf (along with everything else Augment affects) gets a boost to PRR instead of fortification?

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    Did you wasted feat on AS, or use wand? If later, you can test by equipping/unequipping and summoning/resummoning.
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    No idea about the PRR, though there have been some odd reports of unexplained extra PRR on some builds; first I've heard of it on a summon.

    I do know that the 0% fort is a display bug. Occurs with arti dogs too. Your dog is (or should be) getting the stated 100% fort. The bug may or may not disappear if you put a fort item on him.
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    Augment summon feat does need a boost.

    But i'm afraid we'll need to wait for the next enhancement revamp to see if they remember of that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vellrad View Post
    Did you wasted feat on AS, or use wand? If later, you can test by equipping/unequipping and summoning/resummoning.
    The wand only work on pets when u actually holding the wand.. if u swap it removes it..

    works for summons tho..

    abt the ppl on the wiki it does not say anything abt PPR

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    I don't think that it is Augment Summons. My Druid has that and at level 11, the only PRR that my wolf gets is from its armour.

    Have you tried switching destinies, and seeing if that changes the number?

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    I need another level in my ED before I can switch, but I'll give that a go and see what happens. The only bit of Primal Avatar that I can see giving PRR though is from Natural Shielding.

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