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    Default Random drop armor with ML restrictions

    I don't understand the min level thing on random drop items. I have some armor that gives a minimum level. It's actually Level 16 with a min level of 4. In theory, I would need a Master Craftsmanship Shard VI to get it to the min level, except for the point that it can't be crafted without deconstruction, which would remove everything.

    Why does armor you can't craft have a min level like you can drop the level through crafting. Is there someplace else you take this armor to lower the minimum level other than Cannith?

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    When you say "It's actually Level 16 with a min level of 4," are you talking about Minimum Level and Absolute Minimum Level?

    If you disjunct the item with an AML, it lowers to the AML. But you should notice that it has generally higher stats than a normal item of that type, and that's probably why.

    There are some random gen armours &c that have lower MLs than you can craft because of race restrictions. Those can bring it down about two levels, similar to Masterful Craftsmanship. But I guess if you could craft everything, there would be no need for random loot and no excitement over chests..

    I also seem to recall reading somewhere that they had intended for Cannith Crafting to have lower MLs than they did. I don't know if that's true or not.

    AFAIK, there is no way to lower the ML on any random loot without disjunction. Sorry.

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    Look at how much AC the base armor provides.

    There are different 'base' armors that have the prefix, suffix and '+' added to it.

    Absolute minimum level 20 base armor gives much more AC then absolute min level 1 base armor with all other things being the same.

    So a +5 armor on a absolute min level 20 armor will provide more protection then a +5 absolute min level 1 armor.

    Weapons work the same way.

    An absolute min level 1 weapon may do 1d8 damage where as a absolute min level 20 will do more ( 2[1d8] maybe? ) with everything else being equal.
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