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    Default Bind on Acquire/Equip


    I would like to know WHO IS RESPONCIBLE for this DUMB game mechanic on RANDOMLY dropped loot????

    This annoy's me on many levels!!!

    I also noticed today that SOMEONE has changed Maelstrom to BOA!!!! When did this happen?!?!?!? One of the very best Twink weapons in the game doomed to live out it's days on a mule?!?!? WHY??? Why would u guys do this?!?!?!

    I hate this stupid idea of bind-x

    FFS- lets have some sainity and stop utilizing this stupid mechanic!

    All of the gear that is bind on equip...CANNOT EVEN BE TESTED in any meaninful way without ruining the possibility that someone else could use it.

    Once again I feel like u guys at Turbine are trying to force feed me options that I don't want (Astral Shards) in a way to nickle-n-dime me to death...

    I'm not trying to grandstand here...but u guys are making the game less and less fun...u might want to think about that when u tryn squeeze another nickle outta me.

    The Bytcher~


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    A better idea would be to REMOVE BTC ENTIRELY from Lvl 1-19 Loot!

    AND make ALL Named Epic Loot BtC on EQUIP!

    NO BTCoA WHATSOEVER - This has always been a terrible mechanic for a game that emphasizes MULTIPLE Characters!

    BTA can stay - Should be used more tbh!

    The Astral Shard AH {especially when it works correctly} IS a Pay 2 PLAY {I won't say P2W as Peer Pressure will always force the Use of!} Mechanic that should be got rid of ASAP!

    And can you please Devs STOP with the Min Lvl upgrading when going through OLD LOOT!
    MOST Min Lvls of old loot NEED to be downgraded NOT upgraded anyway!

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