I would like to see all of the games raids updated to have an Epic difficulty option.

This would give new life to dead raids, and get the lvl 25s doing appropriate level challenges instead of squashing raid bosses under their boot heels without a second thought.

In the past, the Devs have occasionally tried to beef up th edifficulty of an old raid, but left it the same level.... this idea is rediculous IMO. And not fair to those who want to run the raids at level.

But giving an epic option for the capped guys to run it on fixes most of the problems with old raids no longer being a challenge for higher level characters.

Of course, the loot will have to be upgraded too.
And not just by having shards and seals to upgrade an old one.

To keep the lvl 25 guys doing the apprprite difficulty, the loot that they desire should only be available if they do the higher difficulty setting.

Another benefit (although it may seldom be seen) is that if a lower level guy puts up an LFM for a lower difficulty setting, maybe... just maybe... the higher level guys will not feel motivated to join th elower level raid and ruin everyone's XP.

(one can dream right? )

Upgrade the Titan, and maybe people will actually buy the pack and run it.

Don't bother upgrading the flagging quest though... just the raids.

Raids are special.

Normally I am against epic overhauls of old content, but like I said, raids are special.

I see a real problem with lvl 25's doing lvl 14 (or lvl 6!!!) raids.

I want to see the lvls 25s doing appropriate content... not spoiling lower level XP... and IMO.... lower lvl fun.