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    Default Silver Flame Nugget and Emerald Nugget TR related Question

    This is a TR related question, I have a Level 3 SF Necklace and has wondering if I left that in the Reincarnation Bank and grabbed another Silver Flame or Emerald Nugget what would happen when I remove the SF Necklace from the Reincarnation Bank? Would I lose the upgraded Necklace?

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    i have 1 complete sf nugget(divine helm)
    1 complete emerald claw nugget(elemental helm)
    and 1 lvl 3 sf nugget (ml11, the nice one)

    upgrading nuggets are exclusive, so be careful to who you talk when tr, can continue the process through lives

    dont think you'll lose a nugget, but prolly being exclusive, you won't be able to remove it from the tr cache(avoiding tr more) or will be send to your mail(3 weeks and bye)

    i would complete 1st sf nugget before tring and getting the emerald claw one(or complete both lol) they don't affect once you trade in for items, but while upgradind are exclusive so may give you troubles

    or maybe not, and you'll just have to decide which nugget you bring for upgrading rofl

    but it's ddo, if i have to think something, is that you'll lose 1 nugget lol(like if you brought the 3rd upgrade sf nugget to emerald claw and he deletes it lol)
    psykopeta - hoarding pl, for the sake of hoarding, the day i become ubercompletionist will be because there isn't anything to delay it more - thelanis, where the gimps claim to be pros and noobs claim to be pros, no newbies allowed(unless they claim to be pros), we have enough drama w/o them. PS i'm not a pro, maybe if i reincarnate in RL...

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    I don't know the SF nugget, but for Exclusive, that means you cannot have two similar item equipped OR in your backpack
    But you can have it in your bank
    For example, the medium green bag are exclusive, but you can have one in bank and one in your backpack
    When you want to change, you put the two in bank (yes you can), and take the one you want

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    Only the first tier is exclusive.
    You can have as many tier 3 Silver Flame (ML11) amulets as you have TR's. Or 1 for all levels.

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