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    Default need a good monk build second life for dps

    prefer to have it in character planner format with the feats taken/enhancements/ability increases and tome
    i only have all +3 tome on this monk also my race is halfling
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    If you want to be able to do EEs, I think you need to forget "DPS"

    DPS Monk means STR based, Half Horc, Maxed STR /crit etc. line, Maxed Thoughness line.

    A monk's pretty useless unless it's balanced in all 3/4 main stats so forget about DPS.

    If you want to have a pure monk that can solo EEs then you need to create a good mix-up that does not focus on DPS, but rather maxes DPS while retaining all of it's other feats.
    Peculiarly it's Wisdom.

    An Ideal build would be Eating up a +4 tome to make up the difference and render you able to access certain feats before TRing into Half Elf.
    Pick Dilettante Rogue for the added Sneak Attack DMG when something is stun/blinded/hit from flank/behind. As a monk that really is like 90% of the time.

    Feats you'll definitely want are pretty much
    Cleave (for Blitzing)
    Great Cleave (a preference really, but it's +5[w] And you wanted DPS)
    Greater TWF
    Imp. Crit Bludgeoning
    Imp. Martial Arts
    Imp. TWF
    Overwhelming Crit
    Past Life Monk (for +1[w], Can later be traded for one of above feats)
    Power Attack
    Stunning Fist
    TWF (Requires 15DEX)
    Vorpal Strikes

    I'm checking on the base stats. But STR 18/WIS 16 (and a +5 tome)/CON 16/Dex whatever else Should do the trick.

    If you are VIP I would definitely suggest playing on Lammania to see End Game results.

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