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    Default Halfling Dragonmarks

    These are currently quite useful in the 1-20 game... As they should be since they cost 3 feats (4 if you want to/can get Empower Healing or Maximize) plus 6-10 Action Points.

    They are not very useful in epics. Plus there are multiple EDs abilities that are better than the halfling dragonmarks.

    With the new pass, could you please take a look at halfling dragonmarks again? If nothing else, I would suggest you make them regen slowly (like Lay-on-Hands).

    Lowering the feat requirement to 1 would make them useful to builds other than fighters.

    Halflings could use a little love...
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    Not that what was said a year or two ago means anything, but at one point one of the devs commented that they were considering going with a single DM + enhancements as the replacement for all the DM feats. Obviously on some builds its better to lose feats and others to lose AP so that's a change some would love and some would hate.

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