Theorybuild - The Stormbringer

Yep. Here I go again. So while I Raid with my Whirling Dervish, time to get funky again ...

Lightning Bolts. Yeah, I'm a sucker for them. Ever since greensteel was introduced to the game, I've always enjoyed the graphics and sounds of the Lightning Strike weapon effect in game. It was always enjoyable knowing that depsite any indifferent melee DPS you might be doing, smashing an enemy with a sudden punishing Lightning Bolt from the heavens was an enjoyable prospect. Then, I remember seing the Epic Charged Gauntlets in action. Of course, it was nowhere near in terms of raw damage, but the sound and graphic ceffect on every Vorpal strike? YAY!

Back around Update 10 or so, I was enamoured with a build idea that could just deal repeated amount of Lightning Strike type effects. I ran a Ranger14/Fighter4/Monk2 Half-Elf
build (sound familiar? ) with the full Dragonmark of Storm abilities, and thus was summoning Call Lightning Storm backed up with Maximise & Empower meta-magics. That was back when Call Lightning Storm was a lot of fun, especially when you had dual Lightning 2 weapons and Epic Charged Gauntlets to add into the mix.

A lot of fun indeed.

Post U14
Alas, Druid arrived and the nerf hammer hit the characters Call Lightning Storm. I TR'd the build, and tried a couple of different options around a Lightning themed melee Sorc,
and all sorts of weirdness. In the end however, I managed to put together a Heavy Melee/Light Spellcaster build that eventually ran as a Draconic Incarnation. Without giving away any spoilers for this build - it was a hell of a lot fun. But no, Draconic Incarnation is not the subject of this Theorybuild. What would be the point of posting a Theorybuild of something that's already completely built?

Time for an overhaul with some fresh ideas, and so I present to you: The Stormbringer

Build Goals
1. Good Melee DPS
2. Can spit out Lightning Bolts...
3. Good Ranged Capability
4. Likes Stormy weather...
5. Some Measure of Melee Crowd Control
6. Can throw out Lightning Strikes...
7. Decent Self-Healing, strong Defense considerations
8. Did I mention I wanted lots of Lightning Strikes/Bolts/Thunderclaps/Static/Fuzzy Hair moments?

Key theme: This is a Lightning-themed melee flavour toon with amazing amounts of potential if played right.

Key Build Concepts and Chocies

Half-Elf, 34pt
- Rogue Dilletante for 3D6 Sneak Damage
- Human Versatility Damage Boost
- Human Improved Recovery

Possible Stats
Str: 50 - 16 Base +4Tome +2Guild +8Item +2Ins +1Exc +1Racial +1Class +2Fury +6Lvls +2Rams +5PrimalS
Dex: 32 - 14 Base +4Tome +2Guild +7Item +3Ins +2Class
Con: 35 - 14 Base +4Tome +2Guild +7Item +2Ins +1Racial +5PrimalS
Int: 13 - 08 Base +3Tome +2Guild
Wis: 32 - 14 Base +4Tome +2Guild +7Item +2Ins +1class +2Fury
Cha: 26 - 14 Base +3Tome +2Guild +7Item

Strength 50. Self-buffed. Remember that!

Ranger 12
- Full TWF Feat Line
- Full Archery line for Versatility
- Tempest 2 100% Offhand attacks
- Favoured Enemies
- High Fort & Reflex Saves
- Moderate HP
- Evasion

Druid 7
- Fatal Harrier 25% Enhancement Melee Alacrity
- Strong Self-Healing potential
- CC Spell Potential
- Natures Warrior 1 Additional +1D6 Sneak Attack Damage

Monk 1
- Bonus Feat
- All-round base save improvement

Feat List
- Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack
- Power Attack, IC: Slash, Ex: Khopesh
- Cleave, Great Cleave
- Toughness
- Overwhelming Critical
- FE: Undead, Evil Outsiders, Giants

Key Enhancements
- Human Adaptability 2, Druid Strength 1, Druid Wisdom 1
- Ranger Tempest 2, Ranger Dexterity 2, Improved Rogue Dilletante 2
- Druid Nature's Warrior 1, Shifiting Rake 2, Bestial Nature 1
- Druid Fatal Harrier, Vengeful Hunter 1
- Druid Eminence of Storm 3, Waxing storm 2, Zenith of Storm 1
- Human Improved Recovery 2, Racial Toughness 1, Druid Toughness 1
- Ranger Sprint Boost 1

Epic Destiny: Fury of the Wild
- Large Base Melee Damage Improvements
- Large Base HP Improvements
- Melee & Ranged Combos
- Druid & Ranger Caster Levels for Call Lightning and Self-Buffs

Destiny Spec
- Unbridled Fury, Fury Eternal
- Sense Weakness Rk3, Overwhelming Force Rk3
- Acute instincts Rk3,
- Tunnel Vision Rk3, Primal Scream Rk3, Fast Healing Rk1
- 2x Strength

Epic Twists
- Draconic Incarnation: Energy Burst - Tier 4, Rank 3
- Unyielding Sentinal: Brace for Impact - Tier 1, Rank 2
- Primal Avatar: Rejuvenation Cocoon - Tier 1, Rank 3

What I wish I could fit into this build
- Quicken: I really would like Quicken for the self-healing and Sleetstorms. Would make a big difference for EE play.
- Primal Avatar - Stormrage: Signature flavor ability, but Energy Burst is such a better ability to twist in, there's no competition

So, whats this build all about?
- TWF Hit Potential: Lots of attacks through 100% Offhand Attacks, 10% Base Melee Alacrity, rising to 25% with Fatal Harrier
- TWF Damage Potential: Very High Strength, with plenty of Damage 'adders' through Fury's Adrenaline, Tunnel Vision and Sense Weakness
- TWF Sneak Damage Potential: Improved Deception with 3D6/4D6+13 Sneak Damage for both hands
- TWF Critical Potential: Khopesh weapons, IC: Slash, Overwhelming Critical, Seeker +15 and Adrenaline attacks, with a guaranteed Double-hit from Tempest2
- Fast Adrenline Rejuvenation: TWF with the Speed/Attacks listed above

- Melee Crowd Control: Adrenaline + Great Cleave + Overwhelming Force = Pack of mobs on there backs for 10s, taking +Helpless damage!
- Melee Crowd Control: Self-buffed Freedom of Movement with Sleetstorm availability
- Melee Crowd Damage: Sense Weakness + Cleaves to deal horrendous amounts of damage to mobs knockdown from Overwhelming Force

- Ranged Manyshot/Adrenaline/Fury Unbridled potential: Horrific Damage of Manyshot with Adrenaline-backed power.

- Dodge Defense: Blur 20%, Dodge 20%, Incorporeal 10% as pretty standard. Sleetstorm on demand or UMD availble for Displacement Scrolls for 50% Concealment.
- Very Good HP: Approximately at 750HP mark with the benefits of Primal Scream/Rage and Fury destiny.

- Great Self Healing: Rejuvenation Cocoon, CSW, CMW, CLW, all with Druid/Ranger Spellpower enhancements/items, and some measure of Heal amp
- Decent Spell Point Pool: Stacking Ranger/Druid SP pool with double benefit from Wisdom.
- Spell Power Power: Druid enhancements with Epic Bracers of the Wind for relatively high SpellPower/CritChance/CritMultiplier on Lightning Spells
- Energy Burst: The Finishing theme touch - Smash your enemies Massive Lightning damage in a Burst.

And thus onto the ultimate build combo
- Smash your enemies before you with a Adrenaline powered Great Cleave
- Delivering lots of automatic, +% Boosted x3/x4 Critical Hits
- Rolled into Overwhelming Force no-DC check knockdown for 10s,
- Finished off with a impressively powered/crit-chance Energy Burst that benefits from +80% Helpless damage modifier.
- Do remember to breathe at the end ...

It's ok, you can go lie down now at the trembling thoughts of owning mobs left, right, and center