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Personally I love cheesy voiceovers over more professional sounding ones. It reminds me of the days I spent with my friends sitting around ye ole table for hours and sometimes days on end. Our DM making a mess out of voicing his bosses and NPC's.
Cry for Help pre last "update" - Awesome and ALWAYS giggle inducing, especially when running with someone new to the quest when they heard "King Bendix has ordered your death!"

Cry for Help now - joins the ranks of "meh"

Sometimes leave stuff alone.

As for OP, I agree, I can get vendor loot in a lot easier and less time-consuming ways. For a 30-40 minute run, dangit, I want at least SOMEONE to get something rare! When a bunch of people are first timers and the people who have run it a few times get your hopes up by saying "I heard from a friend who was watching his neighbor play on Sarlona that someone posted a rare item in general chat in Marketplace so there IS rare loot to be had here!" and then you run Titan because the drop rates there are better, something's wrong (before you blast me, we DID run titan after that and 2 jungle cloaks and a quiver dropped, so there)