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    Default Compilation of Shortman (Solo/Duo) Raid Completions

    The intent of this thread is to compile a list of known shortman raid completions. In this case, "shortman" is either solo (1 player) or duo (2 players). I may also include some 3-man completions if they were the first or if the raid hasn't been soloed or duoed yet on the highest difficulty.

    Shortmanning a raid carries unique challenges that are usually not present in other situations. Although many raids can be completed by taking almost any 12 random end-game characters, shortman completions usually require extremely high amounts of raid-specific knowledge of the raid mechanics and tactics used to achieve its required objectives, character development (in terms of build and gear), and player skill in executing the steps involved to complete the raid. Along with other self-imposed limitations on play such as permadeath, GIMP, and no-twink, shortmanning raids represent one of the most difficult ways to play DDO once one has exhausted the content, and one way to keep the game interesting and further develop one's playing skills.

    So I wanted to make a list of known raid completions that were done by one or two people. To make sure I only list verified completions, links are given for each of the entries, so that this does not devolve into a "I heard someone had soloed this raid on one of the other servers before this" type of vague claims thread. Also, this is only for completions on the US (Turbine) servers, since data on the EU servers is fragmented. I used mostly the achievement forums to populate this list, but I'm sure I missed a lot of them (especially if they were only on the server forums), so please let me know of any completions I'm missing (with link to them) and I will add them to this list. I have denoted Lamannia completions as well as completions with reentries, since how "achievement-worthy" they are is somewhat debatable; my position is that I'll list them but let the individual reader decide for themselves.

    I have rated how difficult each raid is to complete in a shortman setting. These are of course somewhat subjective, but hopefully they give the prospective shortman an idea of the difficulty and amount of commitment that it will take to successfully complete each raid. The ratings are based on the aforementioned three factors:
    1. Raid-specific knowledge: How much the shortman has to understand about the mechanics of the raid, in terms of its scripts and the specific stats of each monster, and developing tactics in a shortman context to complete the raid successfully.
    2. Character build and gear: How specific of a character build and gear is needed to complete the raid, and how difficult it is to determine that build and acquire that gear.
    3. Player skill: How well the player has to be able to keep track of the progress of the shortman, decide on the proper course of action, and time their execution, in terms of their mental model of the state of the raid and the actual keyboard/mouse presses and mouse movement.

    The ratings don't encompass raids on Epic Elite difficulty, since currently there aren't enough successful completions of them to adequately gauge how they should be rated, so for raids with EE difficulty, the rating is only up to Epic Hard. I think that at this point trying to judge the relative difficulty of shortmanning EE raids is a bit premature and idle speculation, until there are enough experience and strategies developed at shortmanning them successfully.

    I have also described some of the major challenges for each of the raids in a shortman context, to give an idea of the major obstacles that a shortman will need to consider. The ratings and the challenges are based on discussions of actual experiences at soloing/duoing each of the raids.

    Completions of low-level raids are not included. This includes Tempest Spine, Titan Awakes, Reaver's Fate, non-epic Chronoscope, non-epic Plane of Night, and non-epic Zawabi's Revenge. Completions of Vault of Night, the pre-raid to Plane of Night, are also not included, because its 12-man nature is due to its function as the entrance to a raid (i.e. as a pre-raid) rather than it being a raid in its own right. This can be seen by the fact that it gives dungeon tokens rather than raid tokens, and that it does not impose a raid lockout timer on completion, while Plane of Night will impose a lockout timer on both Vault of Night and itself.

    I'm still in the process of adding which guild each player was in, if it's applicable or useful. It's somewhat difficult though because the screenshots didn't necessarily include this information, and people may have changed guilds over the years. If your completion is listed, feel free to post which guild your completion should be listed under.

    Summary charts of the raids, their release date, and when they were first shortmanned, are given below. The dates are given in format YYMMDD to fit in one column. The dates are based on when the forum post about the completion was made; hopefully that doesn't differ from when the raid was actually done by very much.

    First solo completion summary:
    Raid	Release	RelDate	Rating	solo EE	solo EH	solo EN	solo Ep	solo HE	solo HH	solo HN
    VoN6	Mod 01	060405	5	---	120730	---	---	---	---	---
    DQ2	Mod 03	061025	1	120801	120626	120629	100319	---	---	---
    Abbot	Mod 05	070927	5	---	---	---	---	---	---	130105
    Shroud	Mod 06	080130	2	---	---	---	---	121014	---	101008
    HoX	Mod 07	080603	3	---	---	---	---	120923	---	101214
    VoD	Mod 07	080603	1	---	---	---	---	100929	100506	080825
    ToD	Mod 09	090831	3	---	---	---	---	120913	120825	100913
    Chrono	Upd 07	101020	2	130401	120821	120628	110729	---	---	---
    LoB	Upd 11	110912	4	---	---	130112	---	---	---	---
    MA	Upd 11	110912	2	---	---	130109	---	---	---	---
    CitW	Upd 14	120625	4	130330	130131	120906	---	---	---	---
    FoT	Upd 17	130220	1	130227	---	130220	---	---	---	---
    First duo completion summary:
    Raid	Release	RelDate	Rating	duo EE	duo EH	duo EN	duo Ep	duo HE	duo HH	duo HN
    VoN6	Mod 01	060405	5	---	---	---	110509	---	---	---
    DQ2	Mod 03	061025	1	---	---	---	---	---	---	---
    Abbot	Mod 05	070927	5	---	---	---	---	100223	120619	090916
    Shroud	Mod 06	080130	2	---	---	---	---	100928	---	080922
    HoX	Mod 07	080603	3	---	---	---	---	---	090627	090609
    VoD	Mod 07	080603	1	---	---	---	---	---	---	081216
    ToD	Mod 09	090831	3	---	---	---	---	110515	---	100719
    Chrono	Upd 07	101020	2	---	---	---	110419	---	---	---
    LoB	Upd 11	110912	4	---	---	---	---	---	---	111026
    MA	Upd 11	110912	2	---	---	---	---	---	---	111025
    CitW	Upd 14	120625	4	---	130108	120911	---	---	---	---
    FoT	Upd 17	130220	1	---	---	130213	---	---	---	---
    Plane of Night (VoN6) (5):
    Even though it was the first raid to be released on this list, it remains one of the most difficult raids to shortman on epic. Three djinn located in three separate locations must be killed near-simultaneously, and the pillars that they are guarding (next to each of the djinn, so again in three separate locations) must then also be killed near-simultaneously before the djinn respawn. In the meantime, the raid boss, Velah, is busy hurling fireballs at the shortman, which may lead to the bridges connecting each of the locations to burn away over time, making them inaccessible. This is just to be able to reach Velah.

    Once engaged, Velah herself will spew fire periodically, throw cometfalls if no one is in her melee range, and also spawn additional trash mobs ("adds"), in addition to her typical melee damage. Furthermore, once Velah is at low enough health, eggs will spawn after each fire round, which become fire elementals if they are not destroyed in time. Finally, Velah has fast healing, and the raid must be completed within 45 minutes. Many of these factors (such as the separate locations for the djinn and pillars, Velah's fast healing, and the 45-minute time limit) are non-issues in a large group but become very important to consider when shortmanning.

    Completions: Although there have been a number of 3-man completions, the only known duo epic completion was done by the Revenants, and the only known solo epic completion (on epic hard) was done by Over Raided.
    5/9/2011 -- Epic duo -- xTethx and Ayspam (Revenants) (first duo)
    7/30/2012 -- Epic Hard solo -- Shaatan (Over Raided) (first solo)

    Zawabi's Revenge (DQ2) (1):
    This is one of the easier raids to shortman. After a short initial fight, there is a shrine to fully buff up with before the primary fight. The raid boss, Queen Lailat, initially is far away, but after taking enough (ranged) damage will teleport to the main platform area for some melee fun. Her melee attacks are devastating, consisting of six khopesh hits, though she moves relatively slowly. She will periodically teleport away to one of the platforms surrounding the central platform, and spawn several efreeti. While she is away, blade barriers will move through the central platform, causing substantial damage. Also, respawning gnoll archers surround the platform and will cripple when they hit, slowing down players. Once Lailat is at low enough health, she will enter a rage mode, essentially a stronger version of herself. Finally she can also cast cometfall.

    Completions: There has been a variety of completions on epic, since this is one of the easier raids to solo. Undoubtedly there are many more than what is listed here.
    3/19/2010 -- Epic solo -- Yoduus (first solo)
    4/14/2010 -- Epic solo -- Merlocke
    6/3/2011 -- Epic solo -- samdsherman
    6/15/2011 -- Epic solo -- samdsherman
    6/24/2011 -- Epic solo -- Avria (Over Raided) (first solo on Orien)
    9/14/2011 -- Epic solo -- BlackPantha2
    9/18/2011 -- Epic solo -- BlackPantha2 (post-U11)
    9/27/2011 -- Epic solo -- samdsherman (0 pots)
    6/26/2012 -- Epic Hard solo -- Eth (first EH solo)
    6/29/2012 -- Epic Normal solo -- Wraith_Sarevok
    8/1/2012 -- Epic Elite solo -- Shaatan (Over Raided) (first EE solo)
    12/5/2012 -- Epic Hard solo -- Zonixx
    12/9/2012 -- Epic Hard solo -- Ellihor
    2/27/2013 -- Epic Hard solo -- Lehmu
    3/28/2013 -- Epic Elite solo -- Benfe23

    Accursed Ascension (Abbot) (5):
    Like VoN6, this is one of the hardest raids to shortman even though it is one of the older raids. After a short initial fight, the Abbot will retreat and be healed back to full health, and dimension doors leading to three different puzzles will appear. The puzzles are to throw boulders to destroy incoming asteroids ("roids"), use ice wands that create temporary platforms to cross an area that has dart traps ("ice"), and to cross an area that's split in half and filled with tiles that periodically disappear and reappear, which can only be seen by wearing goggles which are located on the other half of the area. Landing on a missing tile means falling to your death. The dimension doors will disappear after 90 seconds, leading to about four minutes to do the puzzles before the Abbot returns for the next part of the fight. If any of the puzzles are not completed, then the Abbot will again retreat and be healed to full health once he has taken sufficient damage, for another try at completing the puzzles. This continues until all the puzzles are solved, at which point the Abbot will no longer retreat and can be killed.

    This leads to an interesting dilemma for a shortman: either complete the puzzles quickly enough so that only one round is needed for all 3 puzzles, or take the puzzles one or two per round, leading to longer completion runs and more resources consumed since the Abbot will be healed back to full health multiple times. If the shortman opts to complete the puzzles in one round, then both tiles and ice must be completed and the shortman must enter into roids before the dimension doors go down (within 90 seconds), since roids lasts for over three minutes, so once a player goes in there he is "trapped" there for that round. This problem doesn't exist for larger groups, which can first send in people to scout which puzzle is behind each dimension door, and then split up the group to send in the appropriate people to complete each puzzle.

    During the main fight, the Abbot has a variety of hard-hitting spells, from fireballs and horrid wiltings to a disintegrate which does about 850 damage on elite on a failed save. Along with this, he will also do one of four special attacks periodically: encase, which holds you and makes you are unable to move, use spells, etc. and take damage every few seconds for an extended duration, unless broken out by someone throwing boulders (from roids) at you; inferno, where the entire platform is engulfed in flames that do a lot of damage and quickly drain your mana (where the ice wands from the ice puzzle are used to create platforms away from from the central fight area to escape its effect); disjunction, which renders many of your gear useless; and phase wraiths, which are invisible (unless you are wearing the goggles from the tiles puzzle) and will drain your mana when they hit you, not to mention do melee damage as well. Again, some of these special attacks such as encase and disjunction are a non-issue in large groups, but are significant issues to consider when shortmanning.

    Completions: Although the Abbot is very accessible (once flagged, there is no pre-raid to do, and the initial fight is very short) there have been only a limited number of duo completions and one solo completion. This remains a very challenging raid to shortman.
    9/16/2009 -- Unknown, likely Normal duo -- DrgnMstr333, Lawst (first duo)
    2/23/2010 -- Elite duo -- Yoduus (first elite)
    5/22/2011 -- Normal duo -- elricken, Jozza (Soulless)
    1/27/2012 -- Normal duo -- Vanshilar, nix_vali (Over Raided) (first 1-round)
    2/2/2012 -- Normal duo -- Vanshilar, nix_vali (Over Raided) (first flawless, 1-round)
    6/19/2012 -- Hard duo -- Vanshilar, nix_vali (Over Raided) (first 1-round hard, melees)
    1/5/2013 -- Normal solo -- Shaatan (Over Raided) (first solo, 1-round)

    The Shroud (Shroud) (2):
    Shortmanning the Shroud isn't so much difficult as it is tedious. Parts 1, 4, and 5 are more about DPS than anything (since they involve large amounts of HP to go through) which shortman groups will not have, while regular size groups (should) have it in quantity. Thus, completing each part is more an issue of endurance than anything. Fortunately, at the end of each part, there are shrines where players can rest and take bio/TV/psychiatrist breaks before moving on to the next part.

    Part 1 is about killing portals and the trash they spawn until the portals are gone. Part 2 is about killing 4 different sub-bosses near-simultaneously and apart from each other, and then destroying the central crystal before their ghosts can return to it while they're dead. Part 3 is about solving sets of the "Lights Out" puzzle, and then filling the puzzle rooms with water from a central fountain. Part 4 is about killing a stationary Arraetrikos who tosses spells at the players (and melees them if they're close), while indestructible blades swirl about. Every so often, the blades will converge on the center (where Arraetrikos is), after which he will disappear for a while time. Then, he will return, with gnolls who will heal him until they are killed. Part 5, after killing the sub-bosses from part 2 again, is about killing Arraetrikos, except this time he does move. After a while, blades will appear; Arraetrikos also has more HP than in part 4.

    Completions: There have been a variety of completions, typically lasting several hours especially for solos.
    9/22/2008 -- Normal duo -- Bunker, Shyvir (first duo)
    2/21/2009 -- Normal duo -- nick_robinsonchia, Mhykke (first duo on Argonnessen)
    8/29/2009 -- Normal duo -- DrgnMstr333, semu
    3/5/2010 -- Normal duo -- twizznach
    9/28/2010 -- Elite duo -- nick_robinsonchia (first elite duo)
    10/5/2010 -- Unknown, likely Normal duo -- bendover
    10/8/2010 -- Normal solo -- twizznach (first solo, Lamannia)
    3/19/2011 -- Normal solo -- SyrianSB (first solo, live servers)
    4/27/2011 -- Normal solo -- J1NG (0 pots)
    8/4/2012 -- Normal solo -- Shaatan
    10/9/2012 -- Elite duo -- Knight_slayer
    10/14/2012 -- Elite solo -- Knight_slayer (first elite solo)
    2/5/2013 -- Normal duo -- SilverHeals
    2/11/2013 -- Elite solo -- Autechre

    Hound of Xoriat (HoX) (3):
    The objective is to kill a big dog, which until she gets down to low enough hp is (typically) invulnerable to all damage except that from small dogs in the raid. The small dogs will attack the group unless they are charmed; those charming stones can be picked up from killing mind flayers located at the corners of the map. They are, however, temporary in effect, and eventually wear off. Also, there are trash that spawn in the raid, and as it progresses, beholders will eventually respawn which can un-charm the little dogs if their anti-magic reaches the little dogs. Thus, they need to be kept away. Once at low enough HP the big dog will become vulnerable to normal damage and can be killed normally.

    An alternative approach to this raid, other than charming the small dogs, is to use guards and self-heal. Although the big dog is immune to most forms of damage, some guards will still do damage to her.

    Completions: Although there were a few previous duo completions, while the only known solo completion until recently was done by xTethx of Revenants. Because of a recent game mechanic though it was easily soloable and thus recent completions are not listed. There are undoubtedly more completions than what's listed here though.
    6/9/2009 -- Normal duo -- DrgnMstr333, xTethx (first duo)
    6/27/2009 -- Hard duo -- DrgnMstr333, xTethx (first hard duo)
    8/25/2010 -- Unknown, likely Normal duo -- protokon
    12/14/2010 -- Normal solo -- xTethx (first solo)

    Vision of Destruction (VoD) (1):
    Currently the most easily-soloed raid on this list. Over a third of the solo raid completions currently posted on the Achievements forum are of this raid. Nevertheless, this raid presents many challenges that are common to shortmanning almost all raids, and thus is a good introduction to shortmanning a raid for those just getting their feet wet. Some examples are building a character that balances self-healing and damage mitigation with offensive power (as opposed to focusing on one particular aspect such as DPS builds or tank builds), managing limited resources such as SP, having some crowd control to deal with the trash, ability to decide what should be done (self-healing, removing debuffs, offense, crowd control, etc.) at any given point throughout the raid, and of course player skill in executing those actions.

    The raid itself is fairly straightforward. After an initial room with a shrine to buff up, and some initial trash, the raid boss, Suulomades, appears. He has a variety of damage spells and does melee damage, but the most noticeable abilities are a healing curse (preventing heals) and later on, chains, which slow the player drastically. Various adds appear throughout the raid, triggered by Suulomades's remaining health, so the shortman can determine their pacing by attacking or not attacking Suulomades. Later on in the raid, in addition to the aforementioned chains, suicide bats will also spawn, exploding when near a player, so crowd control of some sort (whether area nuking or area holding) are generally needed to complete the raid, along with self-healing. There are also spinning traps and an intermission period in the middle.

    Completions: A lot. A lot. A lot. I've tried to provide additional comments on some of the more notable ones but really, it's already been done in a lot of different ways. I probably won't really update this list with new completions unless there's something really notable about it, since it's fairly easy nowadays to complete it, especially with epic destinies.
    8/25/2008 -- Normal solo -- ddodevil (Oddlived) (first solo)
    12/16/2008 -- Normal duo -- nick_robinsonchia, Darkstrike (first duo)
    7/2/2009 -- Normal duo -- Bloodhaven (first 0-pot)
    7/10/2009 -- Normal duo -- dylusional17, Rorl
    7/28/2009 -- Normal duo -- moops
    10/12/2009 -- Unknown, likely Normal duo -- izme1204
    10/28/2009 -- Normal solo -- Valiance
    10/31/2009 -- Normal duo -- funnyone, heyytoi
    12/2/2009 -- Normal solo -- Twerrp
    3/8/2010 -- Unknown, likely Normal solo -- Guildmaster_Kadish
    3/10/2010 -- Unknown, likely Normal solo -- valorik
    3/11/2010 -- Unknown, likely Normal solo -- HolyAlliance (first 0-pot solo)
    3/30/2010 -- Unknown, likely Normal solo -- Indy
    5/6/2010 -- Hard solo -- xTethx (first hard solo)
    5/9/2010 -- Normal solo -- J1NG
    6/16/2010 -- Normal solo -- Thucydides04 (first melee solo)
    6/28/2010 -- Normal solo -- Bacab
    7/14/2010 -- Normal solo -- spyderwolf
    8/7/2010 -- Hard solo -- Bril (Over Raided)
    8/7/2010 -- Normal solo -- Bril (Over Raided)
    9/12/2010 -- Normal duo -- nalarose
    9/29/2010 -- Elite solo -- xTethx (first elite solo)
    11/20/2010 -- Normal solo -- Zuldar
    11/22/2010 -- Normal solo -- samdsherman
    1/1/2011 -- Normal solo -- Snowborne
    1/29/2011 -- Normal solo -- noinfo
    3/3/2011 -- Normal solo -- twix
    4/3/2011 -- Normal solo -- -Satureon-
    4/10/2011 -- Normal solo -- badbob117
    5/19/2011 -- Normal duo -- pSINNa
    6/1/2011 -- Normal solo -- samdsherman (first at-level solo)
    6/5/2011 -- Hard solo -- samdsherman
    6/13/2011 -- Elite solo -- samdsherman
    6/20/2011 -- Hard solo -- BlackPantha2
    6/28/2011 -- Elite solo -- BlackPantha2
    8/5/2011 -- Normal solo -- Huty-Shadowrunner
    8/9/2011 -- Normal solo -- Shadowaras
    8/12/2011 -- Normal solo -- elraido
    8/16/2011 -- Normal solo -- Oran_Lathor
    8/17/2011 -- Normal solo -- Droken
    8/18/2011 -- Normal solo -- bruha118
    8/30/2011 -- Hard solo -- Droken
    9/9/2011 -- Normal duo -- WruntJunior
    11/7/2011 -- Normal solo -- Knight_slayer
    12/19/2011 -- Hard solo -- Knight_slayer
    12/29/2011 -- Unknown, likely Normal solo -- Slaven
    1/2/2012 -- Hard solo -- Zinruko
    2/8/2012 -- Normal solo -- CrankVulcan
    2/27/2012 -- Normal solo -- flech
    2/27/2012 -- Normal solo -- Moltier
    6/12/2012 -- Normal solo -- Inferno346
    6/24/2012 -- Hard solo -- Tobril
    7/31/2012 -- Elite solo -- Glad
    8/9/2012 -- Elite solo -- Knight_slayer
    8/27/2012 -- Hard solo -- Holymunchkin
    11/30/2012 -- Normal solo -- Snapdragon
    1/12/2013 -- Elite solo -- Shaatan (Over Raided)

    Tower of Despair (ToD) (3):
    This raid centers around three separate boss fights, and is a moderate challenge to shortman. The first fight is fairly straightforward, basically an orthon and a pit fiend, both of which have a buffet attack that can blow you away, potentially into spike traps or into lava. The pit fiend can put binding chains on you, as well as a curse that prevents healing, so it's the more dangerous one. There are various trash throughout this fight. For the second fight, there are shadows with a cold aura, so you will want to have cold resist/absorb for it, but otherwise it's a fairly typical fight. For the final fight, Horoth has a variety devastating spells, such as banish (which basically means using boots of anchoring) and stun. Also, a bit more than a third of the way through the fight, Suulomades will spawn, with all the goodies from VoD, such as anti-healing curse.

    7/19/2010 -- Unknown, likely Normal duo -- Yoduus (first duo)
    9/13/2010 -- Normal solo -- xTethx (first solo)
    5/15/2011 -- Elite duo -- yingxiong (The OriEnTal StYle) (first elite duo)
    6/10/2011 -- Unknown, likely Normal duo -- samdsherman (first 0-pot)
    6/29/2011 -- Normal solo -- samdsherman (first 0-pot solo)
    11/5/2011 -- Normal duo -- Eillyss
    2/17/2012 -- Normal duo -- Lighti
    4/18/2012 -- Normal solo -- Darknark
    6/5/2012 -- Normal solo -- nix_vali (Over Raided) (first solo on Orien)
    8/5/2012 -- Normal solo -- Shaatan (Over Raided)
    8/25/2012 -- Hard solo -- keiner
    9/13/2012 -- Elite solo -- keiner
    11/25/2012 -- Normal solo -- Inferno346

    The Chronoscope (Chrono) (2):
    Like ToD, this raid centers around three primary fights. The first fight in the bank has an orthon along with a variety of trash. The orthon will every so often teleport away. If the armorers are still alive, then they'll heal him during this interlude, so it's imperative to make sure the armorers die prior to doing significant damage to the orthon. For the second fight, in the sewers, another orthon will teleport around while trash spawn, so quickly figuring out where he teleported to is important.

    For the third fight, the boss can transform into one of various forms. Each form has an element that heals him and an element that does additional damage plus temporarily stops his fast healing. So it's useful to pay attention to which element he's using and adjust your damage accordingly. Also, each of the elements have different special abilities, ranging from ice shards to fire breath. Trash devils will also spawn at various points.

    Although the raid allows for reentries, the final boss will regenerate, and so the fight will likely have "reset" (i.e. he'll be back to full HP) in the time it takes for the shortman to leave, prepare, and reenter. So reentries don't help that much toward completion the last fight and hence completing the raid, other than to give another try at the final fight without having to redo the previous fights.

    4/19/2011 -- Epic duo -- xTethx, nick_robinsonchia (first duo)
    7/29/2011 -- Epic solo -- Erethe (Over Raided) (first solo)
    6/28/2012 -- Epic Normal solo -- Bargol (first EN solo)
    6/29/2012 -- Epic Normal solo -- Zinruko
    8/21/2012 -- Epic Hard solo -- keiner (first EH solo, 1 reentry)
    1/12/2013 -- Epic Hard solo -- Shaatan (Over Raided) (first EH solo with no reentries)
    4/1/2013 -- Epic Elite solo -- Benfe23 (first EE solo, 26 reentries)

    The Lord of Blades (LoB) (4):
    This raid is moderately difficult to shortman. After running through a wilderness and fighting some trash at the beginning part of the raid, the remainder of the raid is largely continuous without many pauses.

    The fight takes place on a central platform, around which there is arcane sludge that will damage you if you decide to swim in it. Surrounding the platform, in the sludge, are pillars, with top and bottom parts, which must be destroyed. Initially though you can only destroy 4 of them.

    Now as for the boss, who is also known as the Lord of Blades, the namesake of the raid. He has a variety of special melee attacks, though they have "tells" or pre-attack visual animations (as well as sounds), so if you are paying close attention to him you can see them coming and prepare for them. He also gains additional special abilities as his HP decreases; there is flavor dialogue as he reaches each of those thresholds.

    There are also two hounds, which will release goo if they stand still near you, that will slow you down and do a lot of electric damage. They can also give a shield buff to the main boss if they get close enough to him. You can kill them, but the Lord of Blades will revive them if they're dead at various times throughout the raid.

    The most difficult part of the raid comes near the end, when the Lord of Blades is at low health. A lot of trash will appear in waves; although they are initially fairly easy, soon they include red-named casters. During this time, the goal is to kill all of the remaining pillars, before all the trash (and the Lord of Blades) kill you. During this time, if the dogs are killed, they will also no longer be respawned.

    Completions: There have only been a few duos and one known solo completion, probably because the long wilderness is a deterrent.
    10/26/2011 -- Normal duo -- xTethx (first duo)
    5/18/2012 -- Normal duo -- nix_vali, Shaatan (Over Raided) (first duo on Orien)
    1/12/2013 -- Epic Normal solo -- Shaatan (Over Raided) (first solo)

    The Master Artificer (MA) (2):
    This is a somewhat tedious but fairly simple raid to shortman. As with LoB, there is a wilderness to run through and the beginning part of the raid is just some trash fights. You then enter the main fight room and have more trash, although some of them are casters so you should prioritize which trash to kill first. After that, the floor is electrified and there are crystals in each corner of the room to destroy to unelectrify them. There is a pattern to the electrification. Then a lot of turrets appear, which you can destroy, or charm if the shortman can deal with traps. Once that's dealt with, the main fight begins.

    The main fight involves two titans, created by the main bad guy, Toven, who starts off behind an impervious shield. One of them has an anti-magic shield until his HP is reduced to around 25%, and an anti-magic aura that temporarily nullifies lower-level player buffs if the player is near him. The two titans have various melee and ranged attacks. If one is killed, Toven will resurrect it. If both are killed at about the same time, however, then Toven's shield goes down while he tries to resurrect both, allowing you to kill him and complete the raid.

    Completions: There have only been a few duos and one known solo completion, again probably because the long wilderness is a deterrent.
    10/25/2011 -- Normal duo -- xTethx, BlackPantha2 (first duo)
    5/8/2012 -- Normal duo -- nix_vali, Shaatan (Over Raided) (first duo on Orien, flawless)
    1/9/2013 -- Epic Normal solo -- Shaatan (Over Raided) (first solo)

    Caught in the Web (CitW) (4):
    This raid is fairly long. You first encounter the raid boss, Lolth's Immanence, when you go to rescue Ana, who can be useful as a tank since she can't really die. Lolth has a beam that drains SP, a curse that prevents healing, and, occasionally, will spawn spiders. If the spiders are not killed quickly enough, then Lolth will sacrifice them to regain HP. After a while, Lolth will spawn legs that shoot up from the ground. Those legs need to be killed before they retract. During this time, Lolth is regaining HP from sacrificing spiders, so she will likely heal back to full by the time you're done with the legs, so you'll have to take down her HP again, enough for her to retreat. There there's some running through trash.

    For the end fight, along with killing Lolth, there are portal keepers that prevent you from moving through the portal to end the raid. New ones will be created (whether as spawn, or from converting existing trash) if the current ones die. The goal is to kill them simultaneously and then step through the portal before they respawn.

    There are also a few optionals, but they won't be covered here for now.

    The quest allows for reentries. However, Lolth will spawn spiders and eat them for health, so she will likely be back at full health by the time the shortman leaves and reenters. Also, the condition for completing the raid is to kill the portal keepers simultaneously. So reentries don't really help with progressing with each section of the raid, although it helps with not having to redo previous sections of the raid in the event of a wipe.

    Completions: There's been a variety of completions. Although there hasn't been any solo or duo completions on epic elite, there's been one epic elite 3-man completion.
    9/6/2012 -- Epic Normal solo -- Shaatan (Over Raided) (first solo, 4 reentries)
    9/11/2012 -- Epic Normal duo -- Chette (first duo)
    11/14/2012 -- Epic Normal duo -- Scrollhaven
    12/15/2012 -- Epic Normal duo -- Eth
    1/8/2013 -- Epic Hard duo -- Eth (first hard duo)
    1/15/2013 -- Epic Normal duo -- Kennyburns
    1/26/2013 -- Epic Normal solo -- cesarjblack (solo, 1 reentry)
    1/27/2013 -- Epic Normal solo -- Crayu (Over Raided) (first solo with no reentries)
    1/31/2013 -- Epic Hard solo -- Shaatan (Over Raided) (first EH solo)
    2/1/2013 -- Epic Normal duo -- fork_aka_spoon
    3/30/2013 -- Epic Elite solo -- Violation (first EE solo, 45 reentries)

    The Fall of Truth (FoT) (1):
    This raid is fairly easy to shortman. There are multiple giants and multiple dragons, each with various abilities. One giant is paired with one dragon, and to progress in the raid, the shortman needs to kill each giant-dragon pair nearly simultaneously, or they'll be revived. After the first pair goes down, the Truthful One, the main dragon, will drop. After the second pair goes down, a crystal at the top of the arena can be destroyed. During these parts, the Stormreaver is on your side, so he can be used to help you maintain aggro and control over various monsters. Once you destroy the crystal, however, he will be forced to side with the Truthful One. At this point, then, the objective is to kill the Truthful One and the Stormreaver together. The Truthful One will also spawn spectral undead versions of the other dragons during this end fight.

    1/19/2013 -- Epic Normal solo -- Shaatan (Over Raided) (first solo, Lamannia)
    2/13/2013 -- Epic Normal duo -- Renegade66 (first duo, Lamannia)
    2/20/2013 -- Epic Normal solo -- Shaatan (Over Raided) (first solo, live servers)
    2/27/2013 -- Epic Elite solo -- Shaatan (Over Raided) (first EE solo)
    3/22/2013 -- Epic Normal duo -- Cheecch
    3/26/2013 -- Epic Elite solo -- Shaatan (Over Raided)

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    Sometimes I wish I could report you just for the length of your posts !

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    Here's one you can add to the list. Was never posted because it wasn't a first. Elite Raiders duo Lord of Blades (Normal) on Khyber. From the timestamp on the screenshot files it was February 6, 2013.

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    Also, please feel free to add my Fall of Truth (eNormal) solo to the list; the original thread was made in the Khyber forums, here. Additionally, if you are adding guild tags to the original post, keiner should be tagged with "Elite Raiders" in his ToD and Chrono accomplishments.
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    Frets warchanter ¤ Haemorrhage reaper killer ¤ Humbucking mechanic ¤ Coercive warlock ¤ Hemolytic paladin ¤ Thwart tree ¤ Incise fury-shuri ¤ Carpal monk ¤ Unhealer cleric
    Leader, ~Elite Raiders~ of Khyber ...

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    Oh man the memories!!! Hound duo on hard still my favorite achievement of all-time.
    Teth - Revenants

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    Quote Originally Posted by xTethx View Post
    Oh man the memories!!! Hound duo on hard still my favorite achievement of all-time.
    That's nothing special. Shortmanning makes Hound easier! Less puggers equals less time to quest and MUCH less chance of messing it up. LMAO
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    Nice compilation!! I like it :P

    And woot, I had no idea that EE chrono solo of mine was first known apparently. Hehe, im ahead Shataan in at least that thing (althugh I guess hell tie me quick with zero reentries XD)

    Edit: Just read full post, what a lengthy read.... Just add the guild Dragon Renaissance Brotherhood to my two achievements.
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    Nice to have these gathered in one place. And its neat to see how some of the screenshots kind of show the evolution of the game -- First duo shroud: WF barb with minII and deathnip picks...not gonna see that much nowadays
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    Androgun, Arcane (Wiz 3x, Sorc 3x, Fvs 1x 7/10 lives)
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    Thanks for the mention, Satureon 8)

    Yeah, no screenies exist for my old solos. VoN6 was at lvl14 cap & Titan lvl16, both on normal.
    Hope you are doing well in Ghallanda, brought Ilmer to Cannith where my other characters are.

    PS: Keeper(EU) so might not count in this thread.

    Have fun! Ilmer
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    Looking through this list and seeing all the **** OR has done is making me feel like I've been slacking off.
    I suddenly feel like I should actually do something in game for once that's hard..
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