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    Default Wolf Form Shield Question

    Coming back to game and playing around with druid and wolf form. Ok so shield mastery is important for doublestrike. What should I have on my shield? While In wolf form do my attacks get any of the abilities on my shield? For example: I would assume Thorn Guard but what about a burst effect? If I have an Acid Scimitar in one hand and a Flaming Burst shield in the other will my attacks deal extra acid damage and fire damage? Or only Acid Damage? Can you bash in wolf form or are my attacks automatically considered bashing?

    On a side note, anyone have an actual list of what armor a druid CAN wear without penalty?
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    Direct dmg effects from your offhand do not apply to animal form; but guard effects and static bonuses do (i.e., Seeker, Vertigo, etc.). AFAIK, Imp Shield Bash or other Bashing bonuses have no effect in animal form either.

    As for armor: anything non-metal - outfits, leather, dragonscale, darkwood (e.g., Leaves of the Forest), Parasitic Breastplate. EDIT: lootgen hide armor stopped dropping when MotU came out, but there might still be some pre-MotU versions floating around. Unfortunately, the AC stats are still the same, which means it's lousy now.
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