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    Default Collection Challenges: Kobold AI

    So, I just got VIP and decided to try the house C challenges.
    It was very fun and I farmed 2 items before I started noticing a very annoying thing.
    In Lava Caves: Colossal Crystals, you are supposed to bring back at least one progenitor crystal. To do that you need to take a line of torches to the big crystal and protect the kobold carrying it in its way back.
    The few first times I did it, it went pretty smooth, thanks to well placed circles of power, which allowed me to make a small line of torches to the objective.
    The problem started when the nearest power circle was a little too far. At the middle of the line the kobolds, cleaning the way of crystals, just ignored the teleporter and went walking all the way back into the non-illuminated (and non-cleared) path. So, after a bit of research I discovered that its a commom problem that people tend to solve by putting another teleporter into the other end of the line.
    I havent tried it yet, but its rather annoying since its clearly not supposed to be that way.
    I mean, when you lose a challenge (or get a lower score) when you make some mistakes, its cool. But when its because some kind of bug it just ruins the fun of it.

    So, I just wanted to know if the devs has any plan on changing this anytime soon because it just ruins the fun to have to do "workarounds" for those challenges to work.

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    Well, i guess this is not changing. The sad thing is that the only mats im missing are from this quest. I gave up and started using the workaround of 2 teleports, which worked smoothly, but I found out that this is not the only problem. Last 2 runs, after managing to come a long way to the crystal I found out that my kobolds just stopped in the middle of my line with no apparent reason. They were all around a torch that had links and just stood there doing nothing. I tried to remove the torch, to reposition the torches linked to this one but had no effect. Needless to say, time ran out.

    So... Havent found any workarounds this one. Do you guys have any tricks for this?

    Obs: I can´t understand how this kind of stuff goes by unnoticed in Beta Testing and is perceived by a player in 2 days of play.

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    One thing i know will stop the kobolds dead in their tracks is every once in a while you will drop a barrel and it will end up suspeneded about 8 feet in the air. This always stupifies the kobolds who stop to pick it up but can't reach it. If there isn't something like that, the best workarouind might be to to place an extra torch next to the one they are stopped at, making 2 lines and see if that helps.

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    The problem originates with the overlapping map. They see themselves standing almost directly under the Foreman, so the pathing AI says "You're super close, just hoof it!", and so they do.

    Best solution is to go for the bat progenitor first, straight out from the entrance. There's (in my experience) always a circle up there for the prog carrier to use, and no pathing nuisances to worry about.
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