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    I was thinking last night that a Raid that offers LR as an end reward might not be a bad thing. Not a +1 or +3, just base LR.

    My thought process was that new players sometimes mess up builds, but love their character too much to delete them. Being new, they might use the free LR, but if they make a mistake there, then they're out of luck until they buy or pull a heart.

    This would be a way of offering players a chance to fix their character that they wouldn't otherwise have.

    Good idea or bad?

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    Nothing wrong with the idea. They do fall in chests of course as a rare drop.

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    I do not think this is called for. Hearts are a source of revenue for Turbine. Enhancement respecs are cheap (game money only) and easy. Feat respecs are manageable with one free feat swap/life. Within the past year they have already put in 1 free LR for each character. Personally, I deleted my first bazillion characters as I learned the game a bit. (I do that in almost every game.)

    I don't think Turbine needs to do anymore along these lines. If anything, a redesign of the premade paths could be called for, but that's it.
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    My issue with this suggestion is that it will either be too common place, thus making the LR system trivial and removing a lot of the importance of our choices made while leveling (to see why this is bad, look at Diablo 3). That, or it will be too rare or limited and may as well not exist. I don't really see any other way for this to play out.

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    only if the raid boss is a druid, so that you are killing him, taking his heart, and eating it.
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